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“Brother In Law”

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Sister's Bed Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My sister is almost 10 years ealder than me and she got
married when I was 12. Because of her job problems they
stayed in our home after marriage for about one year.
Just after their marriage, one day I got a chance to watch
their sexual intercourse as they forgot to close the door.
I watched the whole event by hiding behind the curtains.
My brother-in-law has a huge cock of about 9 inches and
so thick. I saw them sucking liking and everything and later
It has become my habit to watch them every night through
key hole or any other openings. They always used the full
light and it made my job much easier and It went on for
about an year till they moved to their new house.
After that one day I went to their home – when my sister
was on night duty. He greated me at the door saying
“Hai little girl, wlocome”
“I am no more a little girl, you see” I replied
“Are you sure, when did you become? and Do when do you want
to become a woman”
“Yes I am ready”
He told ” I think you are too young to become a woman!”
and held me close to him.I replied ” No! Not at all”
From their he carried me in his hands and took me to their
bed room. I was wering a mini skirt and a T-shirt and he was
in his jeans and t-shirt.
There he started to kiss me and to feel my breasts. Gradually
removed my shirt, skirt, bra and then my panties and then he out
from his clothes. He sucked my nipples and made me to suck his
cock, He blew his first load deep in to my throat – i swallowed
while he was fingering me. I was even to tight for his fingers.
Then he layed me on the bed, spread my legs and slowly and
gently penetrated me, I was in pain, his cock was too big for
me and was stretching me too much. He started moving in and
out for about 7-8 minutes and fired his load into be and I felt
his hot com filling me. It was a greate sensation. Then he
withdrew from me asked “Are you a girl,or lady or awoman now?”
I was beeding , he took me to the bathroom, had a bathtogether
and did four more times before my sister came back in the
next morning. I could’nt even walk properly next morning. I
stayed with them for a week and we did about 25 times including
twice in my ass. Our relation lasted till my marriage with another guy.
Now I am married and having happy married
life with my sister staying in the next appartment.

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