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Brother in law

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

First of all this story is totally a secret from anyone, until now anyway. I have never been able to discuss this with anyone because of the implications, but I found this web site on a friends computer and decided to finally tell my story. I was sixteen and quite a virgin, I grew up on a farm way out of town and had only just got a car to be able to drive to town. I was not real popular with anyone because of the lack of time to socialize because of the distance I lived from town, an hours drive. I had friends but mostly had my parents and sisters to talk to. As I was saying, I was sixteen when I met him and he was dating my sister, she was twenty and he was twenty five. I got to know him real well because he was always around. We talked and he was the first guy that any of my sisters dated who would talk to me like I was anything but a pest. I was as taken with him as my sister. The two of them dated for a while and decided to get married. The engagement only meant that he was around more than usual, the planning for the wedding and stuff like that. I was home from school one afternoon, I had faked being sick so I did not have to go, when it happened.
I was laying on my bed when I heard a car drive up and looked out to see who it was and it was him. I walked to the front of the house to say hi and asked what he was doing here so early. It was his day off and he was coming to meet my sister who would be here in a couple of hours. He said he wanted to take a shower and then he was going to cook dinner, he asked if I wanted to join him, I gasped in a shock of dismay and excitement, and then I realized he meant for dinner. Well I kind of gave it away that I had fantasized about him with that little show. He said “I meant for dinner, you know I would never do that with you, umm, I mean not that you are not, well….” he was turning all shades of red and then he got wind of the embarrasment and foolishness I was feeling. He leaned down to look me in the eyes and told me that he thought I was a beautiful girl and that if I wanted to join him for a shower that I was welcome. I was again shocked as he walked towards the bathroom. He did close the door behind him and I stood there contemplating the rights and wrongs, about two seconds after the water turned on I was in the bathroom undressing. He heard me and opened the shower door and said he was glad I had changed my mind. I stepped naked into the shower, of course naked. I kind of looked him over and saw that he had a pretty good sized dick, I mean not that I have seen a lot of them at that point. He pulled me close and I could feel the erection begin. I was getting wet, not just from the water. We washed each other and toweled off and headed for my bedroom. We had almost said nothing. I was the first to speak, I said “I really want this but I do not want to interfere with you and my sister, I can keep a secret if you can.” We agreed that this would be our secret. He lay me gently down on the bed and kissed me for a while, he sucked my nipples, my breasts were so small at that time. I was very thin and probably looked like a little girl, but he was making me feel like a woman. I was really wet between the legs as he worked his way down there. He asked if I had ever had an orgasm and I said no. He told me I was about to. He started to lick along my outer lips and then as I spread my legs he licked my clit and all along my pussy. I was moaning uncontrollably as he kissed and licked. Out of nowhere this feeling hit me, my body arched off the bed and my eyes forced shut as I let out a loud gasp or shreik. It took a minute or so before I came back to earth. He quickly moved up on top of me and I spread my legs for him to get in position. He told me to relax and to take deep breaths as he entered. I felt the head of his dick on my pussy, it was very sensitive after that orgasm. He started to push in and for a short ways it did not hurt, but then he met up with my cherry. He told me to take a deep breath and as I did he pushed in. I winced in pain and pushed back against him reasoning that if he got in it would stop hurting. I was relieved that he held still and let me get a grip on things. I was filled completely and stretching more and more each minute. He seemed to be growing inside of me. I finally stopped hurting too bad and he slowly moved out, then in again until he had a rythm. I was starting to get the hang of what I could do with my legs and hands and the kissing, it really seemed like there was so much going on that I did not get really time to figure it out. I was starting to feel pretty good when I felt him thrust hard into me, then I felt his cum shooting inside. Then a squishing sound was all I heard. I did not come but that was ok, I was in bliss just getting to have this with him. I know that it was foolish to not use protection but we got lucky this time. I asked him how it was for him and said it was very exciting and he would love to do it again some time, I said hey what are little sisters for. We laughed and I soon after got myself on birth control. We had a couple more encounters and then they moved away and I see them on holidays. We may have it again but it will never be like the first time

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