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broke my cherry

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

After school, I invited my bf to my room for the first time, when my parents were not home.
My bf is about 6 ft and handsome asian. I know him through a party and my friend introduced him to me.
I know him for almost half-year. He was 19 when it happend.

In my room, I was going to show him some picture of mine and my family.
And I went to the kitchen and get some juice for him to drink.
After a while, he started to say that he loves me so much and he began to kiss me like crazy.
I kissed him back and we felt on my bed.

His hands moved on my boobs and I could not stop him becaus it felt soooo good.
My heart were pumping very fast and I felt some wetness in my private parts.
Before, I began to realize that my bf want to have sex with me.
He took off my t-shirt and then bra. Then he began to kiss my lips, neck and tits.
I felt my private parts very wet and itchy. I moaned very loud, and he wouldn’t quit
sucking me. He took off his t-shirts too. I remember that my mom told me that I am
not suppose to have sex with man at this age. I wanted to say “STOP”, but I couldn’t
It felt so good.

Then he slowly took off my pents and then before he tried to pull off my underwear
I stoped his hands. he then moved his hands on my boobs. He used his tongue to
lick me. My underwear was very wet and I can’t resist anymore.
When he quickly took off my underwear off, he then naked himself.
I could see his red long and wide dick. He started move his tongue
to my private parts and I was shocked. I moaned and moaned until I had my
first orgasim. His tongue was doing so good.

He did not stop kissing my peach, slowly he moved up and he put my legs
on his shoulders. He said I have a very nice pussy. and he started to lick my toes..
he felt weird but it turns me on again.. When he used his hands to touch my
private parts and staring at it. I felt ashamed. I tried to cover it up with my
hands put he quickly took them off. Then he rammed his big dick to my pussy.
I felt pain and also good. He started to pumping like crazy at me. I was
hurt and mixture of joy and pain.

He took me up and put me against wall. He held my butts with his hands and he
started to pump again and again. I could not stop moaning and yelling. I wanted
him to pump more and hard. My juice was dripping to the carpet and I had another

He did not stop from there. He pumped 10 more times, then I felt some liquid
from his hot stick, it felt so good. and we were exhausted. He did not pull his
dick out when we lay on my bed. He kissed me and hug me and he told me that I
am the prettiest girl in the world.

We took a nap for about 30 minutes and he wanted me to take a shower with him.
I didn’t say no so he walk me to my bath room. I couldn’t walk right because
my pussy hurts. In my bath room, when I fill the tub 2/3 full with hot water.
He asked to exame my pussy, I was blushed and I said no. But he said that I
can exam his penis.. I hesitated for a while, and I was curious what part of
him rammed me so hard, I agreed..

After taking bath he helped me to change my cloth and clean my bed that was
full of cum and sweat.

He went home after he clean up our mess. When my parents were back from work
I already went to bed.

my bf fuck me very often and until I found out that he had a lot of girl friends
He wanted to break many cherries. I was pregnent because he never used
condem. My dad founded out and he was very angry…

He took me to the clinic and took my baby away…

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