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Brian C. & Lisa C.

Age when it happend: I think 15
Where it happened: My Mom's Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I was with this girl Lisa C. for long time. I loved her more than anything. I loved her looks, personality, and everything about her. She was the perfect girl for me, and I still think she still is. Well one day we decieded to have sex. I know she had sex with some guy named Mike S. before. I think he treated her like an ass. I treated her good, very good, becasue i loved her sooo much..:) When we had sex, i told her i wanted “to make love to her”. i wasn’t lying becasue i really did. We always talked bout the differnce between fucking, sex, and making love. Well we had sex(made love). We always used to do it all the time after that. Then we broke up. I broke up with her and i broke her heart, and i guess i broke my own heart. She told me she didn’t want nothing to do with me anymore. I still love her. She’s soo perfect. Then I started to talk to her again, i just had to. We started to have sex again and all that good stuff. 🙂 We would go on and off talking to each other. then one day she told me we shouldn’t talk no more cuz it’s hurting both of us. neithe of us wanted bf/gf’s. so we stopped talking. i was heart-broken again. i needed her, i just wanted to her her voice. then all of a sudden, we started talking again. we still had sex, it was great. i love that girl more than anything still. i don’t think she knows that. i really can’t tell her. wel still see each other after school almost everyday, to have sex. we don’t just do that, i’m just happy to see her. i love her soo much, nobody realizes that. sometimes she tells me bout other guys and that she did with them, it get soo hurt,i wanna tell her don’t tell me bout it cuz u’r breaking my heart, but i just can’t. she means so much to me. i think she thinks i’m just using her for sex. but i’m not. i get soo mad when she talks bout other guys. i know she don’t have sex with them. this is the girl i want to marry some day, i knew her for like my whole life. And lisa if u read this “I still love you and i always will no matter what happens” i don’t think i will ever like and love another girl besides Lisa C. in Milwaukee, Wi..I love the times we have together.

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