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Boy-on-Boy Pleasure

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: In The Country
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

When I was young, I would spend the summer in the country visiting with relatives. My cousin was two years older than me and we would spend a lot of time together. We would when we were younger play ball and games and such, but eventually we moved on.

By the time I was going into high school, I had began to mature. My cousin was about 15 and displayed manly qualities.

On one visit I began to learn quite a bit. We had been playing ball all day and after dinner retired upstairs to play cards in his room. After a few hands, he sugested we play strip poker. I quickly agreeded.

We both lost at about the same rate, but he was naked before I was and visiable very errect. As the winner he said “was to receive a prize.” He told me to take off my clothing, which I did. I was also quite aroused. We were both naked with raging hard-ons. His was quite big and thick, probably eight inches. I was your typical six inch boy. He told me to lie back on the bed. Then he moved down between my legs and took me in his mouth it was wonderful. This lasted for about 5-10 min. Then he stopped. It was heavenly having my tool sucked liked that.

Then we began to play with chips each one worth a min. of head. Once one of us had a 10 chip advantage, the game was over and collection was due. We would end up trading-off fairly evenly like this. But, eventually, It was my turn to preform the service. I really enjoyed pleasuring him like this. I pleasured him for nearly tem min. before he signeled me to stop. Then he began to jack his cock and shot a big wad of cum. I had never seen this before, It was incredable. We played with his come for a while.

I wanted to feel this sensation for myself. He offered to help. He went to the bathroom and returned with Vasaline. He lubed-up my cock and began to jack me off. It felt so good. After a few min. I shot my first load. It was an incredable rush. This time he went down an licked my cum off my body. Then he frenched me with his cum soaked toung. It was wild. We played toung games for awhile longer.

We whiped-up a bit and continued the game. He won and I blew him for ten min. again. It was fun every time, feeling his cock in my mouth, licking and playing with his balls, rubbing his body.

The next round I won and he wanted to try something different. He lubed-up my cock again and his ass. He layed flat on his chest and I entered him from the rear. It was incredable, better than anything else. I pumped away at his ass for about ten min. and shot my load deep into his bows.

Next, I tried to return the favor but he was just too big for my ass. I could not take all he had. However, by the end of summer he caoch me to it. I could hanble his big member.

He taught me a lot that summer. I learned to experience great pleasure, it just happened to be with a man at that time. We eventually managed to find some local sluts, who gave two dollar blow jobs. They were regulars at the local video and pool hall. It was an important thing getting BJ’s from girls. But, to be honest he was the best. We also, had a three way with chubby girl from his high school. That was way cool. We continued this activity until I finished high school.

Today we are both into girls. I would like to find an interlude with a man, but fear AIDS too much to try. If it were not for AIDS, I would definetly swing both ways. Sex with men is just way to cool. The heads the best and a tight ass is heaven. Ass fucking is incredable, and when I get a girl go for it, I always think back. The smeel of their crack drives me wild.

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