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Where it happened: grandparents house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My first sexual experiences were with a 14 year old girl that was new in our country town and therefore had very few friends. We were studying together and I occasionally got a glimpse of her thighs and I fell in love with them.

One day I began to rub her thighs and soon got to her panties and did not get any resistance but was interrupted by someone coming past the room. When it was safe again I returned my hand to per panties and soon was underneath. She parted her legs and let me feel her and finger her cunt. This was continued several times, but somehow we seemed to get interrupted most times. Only once did her panties come fully off and her grandmother came into the room just at that time.

It was not long after this that she had to leave our town again and there was no contact for a couple of years. One Easter she visited again and in the presence of her grandmother we sat and watched TV. It was a very cold night and she wrapped us in a blanket. Not long after this her panties were down and I was fingering her again.

The next day she was to catch a train back to college and I was to drive her to the station. We drove to the lookout before the station and again I felt her cunt and for the first time she held my hard prick. We wanted to continue but the train was due so we went to the station, only to find out it was 45 minutes late.

The next time we were together was many years later – after her husband had died and I was in her city working from 11PM to 3AM with meetings from 8AM. We did not meet until well after 9PM and only had time for a short talk and a drink before I had to go off to work. I returned about 3.30AM and she got up and made me a drink before I went to bed. She was wearing a toweling robe that gave me a good hint but covered everything completely. I was so tired I was soon in bed asleep.

At breakfast the next morning I got a glimpse of her bust and I was randy in seconds. Just as I was about to start our long lost relationship someone arrived – again. She needed to move her car to allow another out of the drive and slipped on a nylon suit which really showed off her body, especially her nipples which were very prominent.

By this time I had to leave due to the 8AM meeting and as we kissed goodbye I felt her lovely arse. I was so randy.

After the meeting I phoned her house but she had already left for work, or so I thought and she had her answering machine on. So I left town wanting her ever so badly.

2 or 3 days later I rang her and commented that she must have gone to work as the answering machine was on, even though I thought she did work until after lunch that day. Her reply was that sometimes she puts the machine on when she doesn’t want to be interrupted.

It was month later that I had to return there for a morning meeting and I rang her and found out her roster and arranged the meeting for a day that she had an afternoon off.

I arrived at her place 10 minutes after she had returned home from work. I rang the bell and waited. She answered the door, fresh from the shower wrapped in a towel and still wet. I went to the kitchen and made a cup of coffee and she got dressed. She returned in the same nylon suit, with those beautiful nipples on display and this time as I kissed her I felt them one at a time. This she loved and we soon were in her bedroom making out.

After feeling her for some time I took off her top and sucked on her nipples and began to remove her pants. She stopped me and told me to at least catch up to her. I began to undress and she got off the bed and turned as she removed her pants. When complete naked I got on the bed and she turned toward me and let me see her. Her bust was heavenly but could not hold my eyes from a completely shaven cunt. We were soon on the bed kissing and feeling each other and I could not stop myself and was soon going down on the sexiest and sweetest pussy I have ever seen.

We fucked and sucked each other all afternoon, until just before she was expecting to be interrupted yet again, got dressed and met her visitor, who only stayed 10 minutes. Within 2 minutes we were at it again, this time over her breakfast bar, and then back to bed. I passed a comment about being interrupted and she told me the answering machine was on the first time, as she didn’t want to be interrupted as she used her vibrator and made up her mind then if we ever had the chance again we would make love.

Since then we have made love several times, usually overnight stays with little or no sleep, with 14 comes in 40 hours our top, for her but only 4 for me.

I want to point out 2 things, #1 she was the first cunt I felt and #2 she is a first cousin and knows it is safe as I had a vasectomy 17 years ago and we are both past 50 years of age – old enough to know what we both want

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