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Bloody Mary

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: In my bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Since I started reading these stories a few weeks ago I have seen a lot of them in which a girl tells of having her cherry broken and they almost always say there was just a little pain, and apparently never much blood. So maybe I am an exception, or maybe other girls who have had my experience just haven’t written about it.
I won’t go into detail on how Dean and I happened to be having sex. It was a pretty routine story of our going together for some time and gradually becoming more and more affectionate until one afternoon when my folks were not home and we decided to do it. Dean was very affectionate and considerate and we had lots of good foreplay to get me ready and then he laid a towel down on the bed, under me.
When he first entered me it did not hurt very much, but then he came to my cherry and he had a hard time breaking it, and it REALLY hurt when he did, and he was so sorry, and tried to be gentle from then on. But in a few seconds he and I both noticed that I was bleeding a lot, to the extent that he withdrew from me. The blood was really coming out, and it got the towel under me almost soaked, so Dean got another towel and that one became quite blood soaked too, before the
bleeding finally stopped.
Then we had these two blood stained towels, and I said “How am I going to explain these?”
Dean said, “I’ll show you.” He took one of the towels in the kitchen, got out a very sharp knife and started slicing an apple. I didn’t understand what he was doing until he suddenly said “Ouch,” and sliced his finger very deeply, so blood began streaming out onto the towel, which already had the blood from my cherry.
We held the towel tight around his finger until the blood stopped flowing. Then Dean said we should put the two towels in a wash basin filled with cold water, to keep the blood stains from setting in, and they could rinse away enough of the blood to not show just how much there had been.
I was worried about Dean’s finger, which had a really ugly cut. We wapped a lot of kleenex around it and then I drove him to the emergency ward of the hospital, where luckily he had health insurance. The doctor there said “That’s a pretty nasty wound. You must have had a very sharp knife.” Dean said it sure was. The doctor took three stitches in it and fastened a very tight bandage around it.
Then we drove home, and my parents had just gotten in and my mother was worried about those bloody towels in the wash basin, so we told her about Dean cutting his finger and she was sympathetic, and said we did right to put the towels to soak when we did.
So my first experience was not very successful, but it did assure me of the sincerity of Dean’s feelings, the way he had literally given his blood for me.
Later I told the nurse at our high school, a very nice woman whom I trust, of my experience, and she said it was unusual but no unheard of, and I shouldn’t feel I was abnormal or anything.
Dean and I have not had sex since. We’re both still understanably leary. But we are awaiting the next opportunity, and needless to say I am really going to give Dean all the love I can.

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