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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: in a mini-van
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

The first time (we’ll call her Sammy) we decided to have sex
we wanted it to be something we would remember. I remember
it like it was yesterday. That day our families went to a
mutual friends wedding, and I decided to ride home with her
and her parents. We got to her house and decided to go for
a drive in her parents new mini-van. We both new where this
was going to lead us. We drove around for awhile and I guess
I must have said something to upset her because she began to
cry as we drove around. So I stoppedthe van at a nearby
church parking lot. A freakin church parking lot of all
places. So the sweet guy that I was, I leaned over and kissed
away her tears and then I kissed her lips. As I pulled away
from I her I wispered “I Love You”. It was the first time
I ever told any girl that I loved her. And I did love her,
still,though I ended our relationship a few months
ago. Anyway,she looked up at me and returned those three
words that every guy know as the word to please take off my
pants and come inside. So we kissed for awhile longer and I
proceeded to take off her shirt. I began to squeeze her
brests over her bra with one hand and massaged her clit through
her panties with the other. She let out a long,sweet moan,
“take your pants off” so as I took my hands off her and took
off my cloths, she took everything off. So we were both naked
sitting in the back seat of her parents new van. She gave me
a gentle kiss and proceeded to give me the best head I have
ever recieved. She told me that it was her first time, to which
I replied “yeah, it’s mine too”. So as she is giving me head,
I began to finger her ass hole. This really turned her on as
she began to rake her teeth on ever hard cock. She was so wet
and she said she wanted to fuck all night, but like every guy
I told her that I could go all night. So as I shot my load in
her mouth, she began to gag on the come. She spit every
ounce out and put in a piece of gum (to clean out my juices)
and I then went down for dessert. I licked and lapped every
ounce of pussy juice she had. I fingered and rubbed both holes
for about 20 minutes and got hard again. So I put on the
condom and gently pushed my dick in her really tight hole.
She told me to stop once or twice because it hurt so bad. I
told her that we didn’t have to do it if it hurt too bad, but
that made her hornier then ever. So I put it in and went to
town. We tried every position possible. After about 45 minutes
of fucking, sucking, and everything else, she told me to
fuck her in the ass. I thought her pussy was tight, MAN was
that ass tight. It took about a whole bottle lub to finally
get my cock all the way in. As I was thrusting my way to
ejactulation, I felt something running down my leg. I
stopped and pulled out and there was blood all over the seat
and my legs. I didn’t care that the van was new, I wanted to
get my rocks off again. So I rolled her onto her back and
fuck until I shot so much come that it riped the condom in
half. That was one night that I will never forget. Oh yeah,
we never told her parents about the blood on the seat. We
put a blanket over it and when they did find out, it was
already dried up.

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