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Bisexual Male

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Friend's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

My friend, Jon, and I would always go to his house after school. His parents didn’t get home from work until past 7 every night, so we watched porn movies a lot.

One day, he put a gay porn movie in the VCR and pushed play. I felt a little strange at first, but after a while I began to enjoy it. I asked him why he had it, but he was too involved in the movie to answer.

He stared at my pants for a few seconds. He must have seen that my dick was erect. He began to tell me his methods of masterbating, and I began to think about leaving. But, I soon reallized that I enjoyed listening to them.

I asked him if he had ever had sex with a male. He told me that he never had sex with a male, but was willing to try it sometime. I said that I would not mind trying it sometime either. He responded to that by unzipping his fly.

His long erect dick popped out of his open fly. I was shocked, but loved the sight. I placed my head between his legs, and I wraped my lips around his giant cock. I licked it and sucked on it. I was loving every second of it. I remember holding my hand around it as I enjoyed the feeling of the warm, hard dick against my tongue. I soon had cum spirting into my mouth. It was so warm and sweet. I let some of the cum dribble down his dick, and I swallowed some of it. I licked his dick clean.

I was still horny though, so I thought about his methods of masterbating, and decided to try one of them. I took a chair and placed it upside down. I pushed my dick against the back and moved up and down. Jon watched me as I did this and began to masterbate himself. I kept my eyes on the movie untill I reached a climax. The load of cum went all over the back of the chair. Not long after, Jon’s load of cum shot out. He stood up and let the cum shoot onto my face and chest.

Since that time, me and Jon have had many other erotic sexual sessions. I have even kissed him in the park and used my hand to jerk him off right in the middle of a park once.

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