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Bikini Girl

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: In the grocery store
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was working, as I always did, on a Saturday. It was summer time, and I was sort of watching for this girl to come in. I worked in the produce department of my local grocery store, and this young girl almost always came in on Saturday afternoon. She was usually wearing a bikini, I could never understand why her mother let her go shopping dressed like that, but she did. Well, she usually had a t-shirt on over her, but she was so damn sexy. I would normally go home and jerk off thinking about her. She was probably 12 or 13, I never did find out. Well this one day she came in, wearing her bikini again, and a very short halter top, I was instantly hard, and trying to find things to do out on the floor, so I could check her out. She was strolling down the aisle towards me, and it was all I could do not to stare, I turned towards the produce on the stands and tried to look busy. She walked right up to me and asked if I knew where the bananas were. I told her that the bananas weren’t out for sale, as the last shipment came in too green to sell. She said her mom really wanted some, and that a little green was okay. So I said I would go get some for her.

She followed me into the back. I went into the cooler to grab some, and then the door shut behind me. I turned around, and it was Christine, she followed me in and closed the door. I sort of stared at her, and told her she was going to freeze to death dressed like that. She asked me if I would kiss her, so I did. She then told me that she has seen me watching her, and that she thought I was really cute. I told her I thought she was beautiful, and we kissed again. I slid my hands all over her soft, young body. I loved the feeling of the bare flesh in the small of her back. She asked me if I had a boner, she could feel it pushing against her stomach. I told her I did, and she asked to see it. I told her it would only be fair if she showed me hers too. Before we knew it, we were both standing there naked, staring at each others bodies. We touched each other, and then kissed, our tongues sliding in each others mouths, clumsily, neither of us really knew how to kiss.

I asked her if I could look at her privates and she said yes, so she sat on one of the boxes and spread her legs apart for me to look. I looked at her, and touched her gently, then kissed her little slit. I started to lick her, and she obviously liked it. She was really wet, and tasted really good. Then I got up and got my hard cock close to her pussy, started to rub it on her little crack, which she also liked. Then I pushed it slowly inside her, after about a minute of working it slowly in and out, I finally got it all the way inside of her. I fucked her for about two minutes, although it felt like an hour, before I came inside of her. I think she came too, but don’t know for sure. Afterwards, we quickly dressed, and promised to meet again, and I did see her again, and we had sex many more times, but I think that first time was the best.

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