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Big titted bitch

Where it happened: Down by the river
Langauge: English
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well It was the beginning of summer, my girlfriend had went to Russsia for the summer to see family.I had driven out to my parents house in the country to visit them. I hadnt sen them for some time So I figured I was due in.

i got to my paretns and they were heading out of town and they asked me if i wanted to go swimming i said sure. They told me that they werent going but Tara, my moms friend who is incredibly hot, was going and wanted somone to go. They left and I got on the internet killing time waiting for Tara. half an hour later Tara pulled up in her new camaro with the top down. I told her I was gonna go up to the river with her. Ok she said. She was wearing a bikini top, and cut off jeans. The jeans were so tight she always lef tthe button and zipper un done. I grabbed a towel and got in her car. i was wearing sunglasses and was looking at her legs and breasts. She asked me about my girlfriend, aI asked her if she was seeing anybody. She answered no.

We got to the river and hiked down a steep hill a couple hundred feet long to a large rock that was about 3 feet about the water. The rock was warm and comfy to lay on in summer.

Tara told me to get naked and skinny dip. I undid my board shorts and pulled off my boxers. I walked up to her and pulled her bikini top down to expose her large breasts.
She said thats what she wanted. SHe was already stepping out of her shorts and was starting to pull her bikini panties down. I kissed her and put my hand on her pussy. She put a hand on my dick and began to slowly jerk. Her nipples were erect, so I took one in my mouth. FuCk me hard she said. She laid down on the rock on a towel and spread her legs open. Ilicked her pussy several times and then pushed my dick in. her back arched, and her big boobs bounced. i began to work on her. I fucked for about ten minutes and was ready to cum, ipulled out to cum and sh etold me to put it back in. I did and came in her. then she climaxed. her entire body shook, and her tits swayed. Then she go on top and rode me till we both orgasmed again. we never got i nthe water. we drove back to my parents. They werent home so we had sex again on the hood of her car, doggy style. Since then Ive seen her twice, and every time we make ou tin a bathroom or just touch.

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