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Big Sister & Friends

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: bedroom
Langauge: Eng
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

This is about my very first sexual encounter I ever had. I was 14 at the time or maybe just turned 15. My big sister was 16 then. We lived in an old rent house and our bedrooms were next to each other and were real small. There was a peep hole in the wall between our rooms and I never thought anything about it. It had always been there.

This one weekend, my sister had two of her girlfriends over and both were spending the night with us too. They were around the house all that Saturday and I was running around with at least a semi hard on going in my pants just from seeing these girls. They were wearing these small halter tops and the most revealing little short shorts one could imagine. Come bed time, they and their bodies were fresh on my mind. And, on a 14/15 year old boy, you know what this means. Hard on time! I was hard before I ever got into bed.

I laid there and started rubbing my hand on my erect member under my covers. About this time, I heard something. It came from my sister’s room. I listened real close and then looked at the peep hole. I could see it would be dark and then light and I could hear them wispering and giggling. It then hit me. They’re watching me!

With this going on I really got excited. What 15 year old boy wouldn’g get excited when he has the chance of showing his hard cock to a girl his first time. My cock was literally throbbing with excitment. Then, I did it. I slowly moved my covers off! My cock was then in full view so the girls could really see it. My heart was pounding as I started slowly stroking my cock. I was so hot that I didn’t last at all and when I blew the first rope of cum landed on my pillow! The next landed on my chest. I’d never cum so hard or so much in my young life. When this happened I heard a gasp sound followed by a “sshhh”. I then got up, still hard as a rock and headed to the bathroom to clean up.

The next day, the girls all kept looking at me smiling and would all take quick looks down at my crotch area. I again was sporting a semi hard on from all this plus there dress. I of course acted like nothing had happened the night before. I didn’t want to ruin a good thing and for the next two years I got to show off my cock to lots of my sister’s girlfriends. I’m sure that to most I was their first time seeing a mature boy’s cock and seeing a boy shoot his cum. On that second year, one of my sister’s girlfriends finally told me about the hole and what they were doing and seeing. At this, I finally got to feel what I’d always wanted to feel on a girl and ended up getting my first hand job from a girl and getting my cum on her. I’ll write about our next get together on a future date. Will only say; IT WAS GOOD!

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