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Big Sister

Where it happened: her room
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

One of my baseball teammates has this really hot older sister named Vicki. I went over to his house to see if he wanted to skate but he was out but Vicki invited me in. She had been out sunbathing and had on a sexy swimsuit. She asked me if I liked what I saw and I said of course I did. I had slept over last saturday and Vicki said she overheard me and her brother talking about sex. We had talked about girls we had wanted to fuck but of course neither of us had done it. Then I remembered I had said I wanted to fuck Vicki and then I got real embarassed. Vicki said that’s ok, you’re a normal guy, then she said I want to fuck you too. For real, I said and she said yeah. When? and she said now. Why me? I said and she said because you’re cute. That was good enough for me. She took me to her room and told me to get undressed. She took off the swimsuit and when I was down to my boxers she said come here. Oh, fuck, was her naked body nice!! So I went to her and she put her hands on my shoulders then rubbed my chest then went down to my waist and pulled down my boxers. They fell to the floor and she massaged my dick and asked if I was ready to become a man. On yeah! I said and she gave me a big kiss and took me to her bed. I got on top of her and she guided me into her and she told me how to move. I loved the feel of tight pussy on my dick and she rubbed my back and chest while I fucked her and told me how good I was. I was looking down at her beautiful bare breasts then I leaned over so I could feel them on my chest. When she tightened her legs up around mine that did it and my dreams had come true. I cummed till I was dry then Vicki pulled me down on her and kissed me again and said fuck, you sure are cute!! Hey, whatever turns her on. After we got dressed her brother came home and we went skating and I told him what happened. I was afraid he might be mad but he said that’s cool and now he guessed he’d have to get laid too. I hope he does.

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