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Big Round Nipples

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: College
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

It all started out as a night of casual drinking with some buddies and me. We ended up having a lot to drink that night and we all were sitting around in out underwear. In the early morning hours we heard a knock at the door and one of my friends in his bikini briefs answered the door. It was this chick that was really attractive. We had met before and it was a surprise that she showed up here. So my one friend left in his briefs and went walking around. So I started working my mojo with this chick. She said I was very handsome, and I said she was so fine. She liked how we looked in our boxers, we had a black light on so they did look really cool, at the time it was just me and one other guy and her. So we like started kissing and stuff telling the other guy to stay because he was good conversation. Her tits were so fine, so I told her to take her shirt off, Damn those tits of here were so big, her nipples so erect, Just like my dick. So we then went to the floor where I began to take her pants off, I began to get my fingers wet by plunging them in her shaved runway cut pussy. Then she literally ripped my boxers off trying to get to my rock hard penis. She then grabbed my blood engorged penis and stuck it in her pussy, She felt to fuckin good, I felt kind of weird doing this in front of my friend, so I asked if he wanted a stab, he said no because he had a girlfriend, Then out of the blue she said to him, “I still have my backdoor open” Implying that she needed some meat in her ass, So my friend then jumped at that proposal and we started tag teaming her, Yeah it felt weird, but her pussy felt to damn good, I know my friend was getting a kick out of this, After a while of fuckin I came all over her stomach and my friend all over her ass, the cum looked awesome in the black light. After that she got dressed and left, My friend also got dressed and left, and that was a night that I will never forget, and haven’t told anybody this until now, but its to good of a story not to tell.

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