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Big dog

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: backseat of car
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

We we both just out of high school and had been dating for quite awhile but we were both

religious and never got past some heavy kissing. she was asian and very hot and

agressive. one night we drove to a large hotel parking lot to just “talk” and started

making out. she suddenly said I don’t know about you but I’m getting in the backseat

which she did. of course I climbed back there with her and lay on top of her now

stretched out body and started making out. She suddeny started moaning and saying “right

there ,right there” as my rock hard cock rubbed between her legs. I felt her
high pubic mound and rubbed it with my hard cock, what you might call dry humping. She

moaned more and more. Soon I was rubbing her mound with my hands over her jeans and then

I got up the nerve to slip a hand down her pants and felt her pubic hair and warm wet

pussy. When she let me get that far I undid her pants and pulled them down to
expose neatly trimmed black pubic hair and two fat lips squeezing her bulging clitoris

which I eagerly rubbed and fingered. She started to pull her pants and panties off while

I undid my jeans. She strained to sit up to see what my package looked like in the dark

back seat. We were finally there all naked from the waist down laying our warm bodies on

top of eachother my rock hard cock rubbing against her wet mound. I sat up and rubbed my

penis over her lower lips and told her how wet she was. She parted her legs a little

more as I rubbed up and down her clit looking for her hole. Finally my head found an

opening and I pushed in little thrusts until my cock penetrated her vagina. She held her

breath with each push until my cock was deep within her. I lay back on top of her just

enjoying the feeling for quite awhile and then started
my thrusting which got her moaning and breathing heavily. She whispered “come with me”

in my ear which got me thrusting harder. I told her how good she felt and was soon on

the verge of coming when I reailzed I could get her pregnant. It was too late, I had to

come and yelled as my orgasm came in wave after wave thrusting my shots into her deeply

with each push. I collasped with exhaustion afterwards and lay there with my now

shrinking penis still deep in her pussy but still feeling good. I sat up, kissed her and

said “thank you” to which she said “thank YoU” I pulled my still somewhat hard penis out

of her as she gasped and sat up again to see what I had. I pulled my pants back on. I

could see her vagina all red and wet as my cum spilled out of her. She pulled her

panties over her cum soaked vagina since we didn’t have anything to clean it up with and

slid her jeans back on.
I drove her home not saying much and gave her a kiss as I dropped her off at her dorm. I

only realized after that I never got to see her breasts. We had a couple other sessions

in my bedroom where we got totally naked and sucked and explored eachothers totally naked

bodies. I recommend asian girls, they are unreal when they have sex. No, she never got

pregnant but I wouldn’t have minded since that would have tied us together. We did

eventually break up when
she tod me she was waiting for another guy to come back from a long trip. I still can

fantasize about that back seat if I need to get off.

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