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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Back of a pick-up truck.
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was 18, and was walking home from work one afternoon, when
this black pick-up truck came to a stop next to me. I work
in a grocery store(clerk) and recognised the guy
immediately. He smiled and asked if I wanted a ride home.
I couldn’t believe this was happening, because this
was the man of my dreams. He came in every so often, and I
couldn’t help notice how attractive he was. He was older
then me by eight years, but it didn’t matter to me. I had
never had sex before, but I could tell I really wanted to
that afternoon. Everything was spinning, even the squeeking
of his leather jacket was adding to the sensations. I decided
that it was the time, and I was ready if he was willing.
I looked over at his crotch was quite impressive, even when
he was in the store it was quite large. When he wore sweat
pants, you could see that he had something there. I just came out and told him that he had a big dick.
I still remember his expression. He took the cigar that he was smoking out of his mouth and said that I was welcome to see it.
I almost died right there, could this really be happening! He pulled the truck over to the side, and entered the woods just to be out of the way
of other passing vehicles. He then pulled a blanket out from behind the seat and we got out of the truck, and went to the back where he laid the blanket. He undressed me, and began to give me oral sex, and brought me to my first climax ever given by someone else. I didn’t let him know that I was still a virgin, but
I did as soon as he pulled down his pants. His penis was so big, I almost backed out of sleeping with him. When he became hard, my eyes buldged out of my head. I asked him how big it was, and he said for me to measure it myself. From a tool box behind us, he pulled out a measuring tape and gave it to me. I proceeded to measure it, and it turned out he was a little over nine inches long, over two inches think. It had large veins, and long streams of clear lube dripped from his penis. His testicles were the size of kiwi fruit. They too had veins. He reasured me that he would be gentle. I remember asking him to taste it, and it was saltly, and smelled bad. He told me that he just got off work so he would be a bit smelly down there.
When time came, I asked if he had condoms. With a wink, he pulled one from his pocket of his leather jacket. I lied down, and watched him roll down the rubber, which didn’t go down all the way. I began to relax, and I felt so comfortable with him. He moved the head of his penis over my vagina, and slowly put it in. He was so gentle with me, but I could only take half of his penis. He still was so kind and wasn’t upset. I can tell you now, It hurt, and there was a bit of bleeding. When he said he was gonna cum, he thrusted softly, and pulled out. I remember looking at the condom which had filled up quite a bit with his yellowish-white fluid. I asked him if we could do it again another day, and he said just give me a call. He gave me his business card from the contracting company that he worked for, and said just make a date.. We can go out for supper.. He took the condom and threw it into the bushes, and stood up with a slimy penis hanging, and pulled up his pants. I couldn’t sit comfortably for two days.

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