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Bi girl

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: At a party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

So far all my sex experiences have been with another girl, which is strange because I never thought I was bi. The first time happened at a party about two months ago. They had beer at the party. I don’t drink but I had some there and so I got kind of drunk. There was a cute girl there who is 15 and we did some sexy dancing together, like grinding a little and she even touched my boobs once, but we were just doing it like as a show for the boys and then we stopped. Later she came over to me and we were talking but the music was so loud that I couldn’t really hear her so she said lets go upstairs. We did and she wanted to go to one of the bedrooms but they were both locked, I think people were inside making out. We talked a little while in the hallway. She was really nice but we weren’t talking about anything sexual. Then I said I was going to go dance some more but she said, “SInce the rooms are taken let’s go to the bathroom.” I will wasn’t thinking anything about sex but I went with her. As soon as we went in she locked the door and then knelt in front of me and opened my pants. I didn’t expect it at all. Then she went down on me. She didn’t even ask me, or kiss me or anything, she just did it. That was the first time anyone had touched me except for kissing and I was kind of shocked but it felt so amazing that I let her do it until I had an orgasm. It wasn’t exactly the most romatic first time because it was in a bathroom and it was with a girl. Anyway when I was finished she pulled up my pants and then she stood up and started opening hers, but someone knocked on the door so we had to go. I left the party a little while later. For the next few days I felt really weird about what had happened. I talked to some online friends and they all told me to chill because they said I was just experimenting and having fun.

She called me up the next weekend and wanted me to go over to her house, so I did. I was really nervous because I was thinking that I was going there to have sex. Her parents weren’t home so we went straight to her room. Then she went down on me again. Oh my god it was so good I could hardly stand it. After I orgasmed she said it was my turn so I did it to her. I thought it would taste bad but it didn’t. Even though I didn’t really know what I was doing, I made her orgasm too. Since then we’ve been getting together for sex. Neither of us wants a relationship with a girl, we just love the sex. She told me I was the second girl she has gone down on.

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