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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Our play house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I am a girl of 13 years of age. There is this boy Roger next door who I have known him since we were children and we have played together. Recently I began feeling my body develop into matchurity and I began wanting to do the things that wimmin do, like, well, I will say the word, fuck. I wanted to get Roger to join me but I dident want to come right out and ask him so I tryed asking him if he wood like to play husband and wife. He said whats that, and I said you know, just act like we are maried. He said that doesent sund like much fun but all right. So he went outside our play house and then came back in and said Hi honey I’m home, and sat down and turned on the teevee, just a little set we have in our play house, and sat there watching it. I said that’s not all maried people do and he said well it’s all I ever see my dad do. So we went back to playing nintendo. I was dissappointed but today I got a happy surprise. When Roger came over I said want to play nintendo and he said no lets play husband and wife like you wanted to before. So then he went out and came back in and said Hi honey I’m home let’s fuck. And he grabd me and started pulling off my close and I said good night you don’t have to tear them off I can take them off myself, so I did and stood there naked and said well, what do you think, because I dont think he had ever seen my nice young tits or the little patch of hair that was growing around my pussy. He said you look wonderful and in two seconds he was naked too and I saw that he has quite a good sized penis for a boy of 13 and it was getting hard and stiff. He said let’s get to it. We don’t have a bed in the play house but we put some cushuns on the floor and got on them and began kissing and feeling each other and licking each other. He was licking my breasts and then my pussy and I was licking his penis and sucking on it and we were both getting more and more excited and then he said now to give you your first fuck, and he had me spread my legs real far apart and put my knees up arouond my head and he got over me with his nice big, hard penis and began working it into my pussy. It wooddent go in at first but he kept at it and then it went in and a minute later he broke my cherry which hurt quite a bit but I dident mind. Then we had a real good nice long fuck, in and out, in and out, until I began to feel this wild feeling inside like I was going to explode. He said I’m going to come, and right away he began shooting what I gess is called come into me and I began to shake all over with this wonderful feeling and Roger said I was having my first orgasim. It was great, and I’m so glad Roger decided to play husband and wife with me. I told him I was going to write this story for My First Time which I sneak in and read on our computer when Mommy and Daddy arent around. Roger said he was going to write it to. I said but it will just be the same story and he said that’s what you think. I don’t know what he ment by that but if he writes it I hope he doesent make it sound like he had to forse me to do it, because he dident, it was my idea.

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