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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: at a party
Langauge: englishh
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

i was 15 and 1 month exactly when i lost iht to my best friend. okay so me and him are like best friends in a way. i knoe i can always count on him for everything and he knoes im always there for him. buht both of uhs are lil flirts and every now nd then we would flirt. we ended up giving eachother nicknames. im his pretty babe and he ihs my sexii babe:) anywayss we had been talkn abt iht for a while and i wuld always say tht after i turnd 15 . so he said tht for my bday he was going to give me something speshal. and i told him tht for his birthday i was going to give him a bj. So we i turnd 15 and we told eachother that we were gunna do it. the chance we got was a party at my friends house tht ihs by a river. he got to the party and we smoked 2 blunts and were really high. i had already had like 7 shots so obviouslyy i was not sober. as soon as it turnd dark me and daniel made an excuse tht we were gunna smoke one more blunt and tht we wuld be right back. we walkd to the river in akward silence because we were friends. but as soon as we stard talking he wuld start touching my ass nd stuff. we walkd along the river and found a spot with some grass. i sat down wearing a shirt and a vest with some shorts and i sat there. i was like okayy soooooooo. nd he saiid sooooo. then i tuk my shirt and vest off and laid back wearing nothing buht my bra and shorts. i said aite then lets do this. and he had already taken off his white tee and was wearing a wife beater. he then got on top of me and said lets do it?and chuckled. we began making out while he was on top of me and then his hand started heading down south. he began rubbing my pussy outside of my shorts. tht felt guud. he then told me to take off my shorts so i took them off and lay back down wearing my bra and panties. we went back to making out and he began rubbing my pussy outside my underwear again. then he slippd his hand inside my panties and began fingering me. god tht felt gud! he knew i liked iht cuz i let out a little moan and i bit his lip on accident . he continued fingering me changing the pressure and speed playing with my clit. after a while he said he was taking off his shorts and i took off my bra and panties. he left his boxers on for now. we went back to making out and he was fingering me and startd kissing and sucking my boobs. i ran my hands thru his short hair;rubbing my hands against with pleasure. after another while of tht i gave him his present. we switched positions and then i began sukkin his cok. tht was our first blowjob and i liked iht. i could feel him jump with pleasure when i suhkd and deepthroated his peniss. his facee was pricelesss. when he was nutty he got ready to put the condum on but he cummd on my arm by accident. his boner went away so itried getting it back. he got on top of me and while we were making out i was giving him a handjob and smakkin his dick against my clit. when he entered me iht hurt so badd. my pussy was very very tite and his dick was just big. so i said i want this to happend and took the pain. he startd off slow and when he got all the way in he startd going faster and faster. an interrupted phone call ruind the mood so we got up, changed, and then went back to the party like nothing. i dnt regeret losing my virginity to him because he is one of my best friends and iknoee he didnt just wanna hump and dump. the next day he textd me saying pretty babe, last night was the best. thankyouu;) and all i culd say was i knoee , second is the best. because i am the 2 girl he fuhkd. buht he is my firstt. thee enddd

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