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Best fuck ever

Where it happened: Behind a supermarket
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I always went shopping at this supermarket and there was this 35 year old woman with beautiful legs and big tits. I always liked older women. One day I decided to stare at her so she would know that I liked her. When I got out of the supermarket she came out and asked me if I liked her…of course I said “Yes”. We both took a walk and went behind the supermarket where they keep all the boxes and stuff. I could see that under her tight pants she wasn’t wearing any underwear. By cock was getting so hard it was about to rip my pants. I couldn’t take it anymore so I reached out and touched her tits. She looked at me in a weird way, and than asked me if she could kiss me or I would tell my parents. I said “No of course I won’t tell”. We started kissing and almost sucking our throats out. Then she began sucking my big hard cock, it was the best. She didn’t let me cum right away she waited a little. Thank god I had a condom in my wallet, I immediately slipped it on, and she took off all her clothes. She bent over and I started fucking her doggy-style. Whoooo it felt good! After fucking her for 5 minutes she spread her legs and I ate her out for 10 minutes. That as the best day of my life! Then she slipped all her clothes back on and went back to work. She told me not to tell anyone about this because she could go to jail.

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