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best friends step dad!

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my best friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

This happened on May 15, 1999. So, me and my best friend, Lydsey, are always hanging out together. My name is Victoria. Lyndsey’s parents are divorced, but they are remarried again allready. Her new step dad is really cool, his name is Todd, and i was spending the night w/ Lyndsey at her step dad’s house, and her mom was working nights at the hospital. So, Todd said he’d buy us some liqour as long as we drank it in the living room, and didn’t go out or anything. So we agreed (of course). We had a 1/5 of rum, and 1/5 of vodka, and Todd drank beer. we were drinking on the couch for like 45 min. Taking shot after shot of liquor. Lyndsey passed out in an hour. So Todd took her upstairs in her bed, and layed her down to sleep. Then came back down, and had some more beer, as we were watching the movie. I was getting so tipsy. I started saying crazy stuff, and Todd was pretty drunk himself. I starting singing and dancing on the coffee table. in my boxers and tanktop(nothing else). I started to shimmy(where i put my hands in front of me and shake my boobs back an forth). And he had a dollar, acting like i was a stripper, and was holding it up, so i came over to him and opened my boxer shorts in the front, and pulled em down, and he slid the dollar down the front of my shorts. Then i got down off the table(stumbling a little) and i started to shimmy in his face and i sat on his lap facing him. and he put his hands on my hips and pulled me up to him, and he started kissing my neck. and he lifted my tanktop off. I was drunk but still suprised,(I’d always had a little crush on him anyway, i mean the guy is 36 years old).
I got up and took my boxers off, and undid his pants, and took out his dick(the biggest ive ever seen) and i sucked on it, i could barely fit it in my mouth. Id say hes about 9 inches, and pretty thick. Ive sucked 5 other guys dicks, and they were like 4-6 inches. So i sucked his dick for about 5 minutes and he was hard as hard can be. I said “eat me” so i lyed on the couch with one leg up on top of the ouch and the other on the coffee table, and he started to lick my hairy crotch. (I shave my panty line and thats all, it wasnt quite bathing suit season yet, then i shave my bikini line), and he ate me out like ive never been ate out before, it was so awesome, i came in like 1 min. Then he said, “Have u ever had a cock inside you?” i said “not yet, but in about 30 seconds i will” So i repositioned my self so i was sitting on the couch normally, and slouching down to where my ass was hanging off of the couch a bit, and he slid his dick in me really slowly. It hurt like a bitch for a second then after about a minute it was so good
i came 3 times while he was fucking me, then he was about to cum and asked me to suck it for the rest of the time. So i started sucking his dick. It was weird cuz it tasted like my pussy, ive never sucked a dick w/ my pussy juice on it. He came in my mouth and he came so so much, more than any other guy that id swallowed. It just shot down my throat, i almost choked. then i took it out and he shot on my face and in my hair. He went limp, put some pants on and fell asleep. I put my shorts and tanktop back on, and went to sleep, i forgot to wipe his cum off of me though. WHen i woke up in the morning, it was all dry, and i washed my face to get it off. And i heard Lyndsey’s step dad and her mom having sex in their bedroom when i woke up too. i heard her moaning, and the bed squeaknig. I guess Todd’s a fucking machine. If i every have sex with todd again, it will have to be like once a week, cuz i dont know if i can handle it every day like Lyndsey’s mom. She must be loose as hell. hehe


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