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Best Friends Mom

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: The Creek
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

We were at the creek (our gathering spot for when we hang out over the summer) and were swimming at a water hole….

His family was sitting on the gravel bar talking while my friend and I were swimming. I noticed his mom got in the water and had a major tit hard-on. The water WAS a bit chilly. (Her figures are roughly 36C-24-34. Very nice for her 30’s.) Instantly I had a rock-hard erection. I swam for a little bit for it to go away.

Later we got out cause it was getting cooler and changed. His mom was still in her bathing suit with her tit hard-on. So I went over and soon was giving her a back rub. I could see down her bathing suit clearly. Nice rounded breasts that were so cold. I immediatly moved my hand under her arm and started carressing her breast. She didn’t notice at first but then sat back in the folding chair and could feel my erection through the back.

She rubbed against the chair, causing me to get aroused. Then I realized she said she was going to go change (followed by a wink). After about 5 minutes I went up the creek following her to the Suburban. She got in with me behind her. I took off her top and rubbed her nipples and sucked on them. She laid back and took off her pants. I, right away, spread her legs to eat her out. She started moaning with immense pleasure. After she started coming, she took off my shorts to reveal my 7 inch hard dick. She guided me straight to her pussy and slipped in. It felt so good thrusting in and out in rythem. We continued this until we both orgasmed. I then put back on my pants and ate her out a while more.

We then got fully dressed and went back down to the swimming spot. I now stay the night at my friends house MUCH more often. She every once in a while has to go upstairs and “do something” maybe twice a day with me following. Its been great ever since.

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