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Best Friends Husband

Where it happened: My house
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There were a couple of reasons why I was still a virgin at the age of 25, not the least of which was being raised by truly disfunctional parents, I won’t get into that, and the other is that I was raised a very strict catholic. Yes I really bought into that virginal popish crap. At the age of 23 I met this man through work. He was single and I was very attracted to him. My best friend and myself both were attracted to him but since niether of us figured we would act on it we would talk openly about our attraction to this guy. He 3 as well and my friend 8, little did I know that he was becoming quite attracted to her. One night after work the three of us ended up going out to dinner and back to my place to watch some movies. Once we were there we had a couple of drinks and he made a move on my friend. I was heartbroken to see them together but as she was my best friend I learned to accept it. The two of them were married after about a 4 month courtship and I was happy for them although still somewhat dissappointed. We all remained friends and over the next s as I got to know him better I could see what made my friend love him so much. He was even more wonderful than I imagined. One weekend after they had been married for a couple of years I was over at their house and was a little too drunk to drive home, so they invited me to stay in the extra bedroom. The next morning I awoke to the smell of breakfast and him sitting on my bed with a tray with food and O.J. My head was spinning, not from last nights fun but from the fact that this was what I had always fantasized he would be like, so sweet and caring. He said “good morning sleepy head, I thought you would never wake up.” I realized that his wife was off to work and that it was just he and I. We began to talk and as time passed and I ate we talked about many things and as we were talking about how long we had known each other he said “you know back then when we first started to work together I was crazy about you, I just never got any signals from you that you were interested, and when _____ came along we fell in love, however I still hold a special place in my heart for you.” I confessed to him how I had felt and still felt, and he was quite surprised. He smiled and told me he would have been honored to have dated me, and it almost ended right there, but as he went for the tray I asked him if he would make love to me for my first time, no strings attached. He looked shocked and I thought he would say no but he said “you’re a virgin.” I sheepishly shook my head, and he said that he would be honored, but that he had very strong feelings for me to this day and that there would have to be strings attached. He asked me to keep this a secret from anyone who might know us and that he would promise to make me feel loved and take care of me. With that he took me by my hand and we went to the bathroom and showered together. It was so erotic to wash each other and to be naked with him, knowing it was my fantasy and that it was my first time. He had an erection in the shower and it was rubbing between my wet and soapy lips. I rinsed him off and sat on the edge of the tub and began to suck him. I let my hand stroke his balls and then inserted a finger in his anus and stroked in and out as he came in mouth, my first time and I swallowed it all. We dried off and went into the bedroom. He told me he had no birth control and I said that I thought it would be alright, however he said he knew a way that it would be alright. He lay me on the bed and ate me out, giving me a great orgasm. He then climbed on top of me and while on his knees he slowly worked his cock into me, being gentle due to my sensitive clit after that orgasm. As he came into contact with my hymen, which was surprisingly still fully intact, he gently pushed and I could feel it stretch and then tear with a sting, but when he was full in he stayed still for a good five minutes while we kissed and he fondled my tits. He slowly began to move and soon we had a rythm and I, for whatever reason, yelled “Oh my God I am cuming”, and had a huge orgasm. After I came I was so embarrassed by that remark, he just held me and told me it was just natural. We got into a couple of positions and finally he was giving it to me from behind with me on hands and knees while fingering my asshole when he pulled out and gently worked his dick into my ass. There was pain at first but he was gentle as can be and soon I was rubbing my clit while he pumped me, we came at almost the same time. I loved the feeling of that hot cum filling my anus. When we were through we lay in each others arms until we realized that we should get cleaned up and tidy the room before his wife came home. From that day on we have made love often and he treats me very well, sending me flowers, and cards. My friend and I have both benefited as she says that he has been a voracious lover since around that time and they have a great sex life, I am happy and I am still looking for my true love, at least my other true love. I felt I needed to tell someone about this, as I cannot tell my bestfriend, I hope it helps me to see it on the site with all of these other great stories.

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