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best friend sex

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: his house
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

i’m not sure who really started it. it was an experience about 6 years in the making. thats how long we had been best friends. we were best friends but i always knew my first time would be with Patrick. We were the kind of friends kids would sing that song about…”Maggie and Patrick sitting in a tree…”

so there we were walking home from school one day in the rain. It was only drizzling and it was like 10 blocks away…not too far. But, on the way it began to pour! Pat’s house was closer so we made a run for it. We ran in the house totally soaked. Pat gave me a long sleaved t-shirt to put. I changed into that and took all my other clothes off. he put on a tshirt and some boxers and we threw our clothes in the dryer. Pat turned the tv on and we dove under his covers to warm up. We had watched tv like this thousands of times and never so much as kissed.

I realized how attractive he was in his wet and cold state. As we shivvered and watched reruns our hands met under the covers. it was totally innocent and cute for the beginning. we held hands and played with eachothers fingers as the cartoons played on tv. after a whole cartoon show of this hand playing Pat proped himself up on his elbow and leaned over my face…he said “Maggie” and then pecked my lips. Suprised I did nothing for a minute before kissing him back. We smiled at eachother and kissed again this time his toung poked into my mouth. i loved that! our toungs played with eachother and suddenly i was not freezing anymore. we stayed under the covers and Pat kissed me again. a hard strong kiss. we made out as we snuggled under the covers. His hand made its way under the shirt and grabbed at my breasts not really knowing what to do. I moaned into his mouth which apparently was a huge turn on because he kissed harder and grabbed more and told me later that this is when his dick started to grow…

He rolled back on his back and pulled me on top of him where we continued to make out. I was basically straddling him with my chest laying flat on his. we kissed eachothers faces and my breasts lay aganist his chest while he rubbed my back under the shirt. His dick was growing through the hole in his boxers. “Pat..” i said laughing a little as i readjusted on his body. “Maggie..” he said. we could not say more because that would be less kissing and kissing was what our lips wanted not talking. Realizing i had nothing on under the long shirt and that it was now bunched up around my middle i knew he could feel my wet pussy on his stomach. We both shifted and looked in eachothers eyes. We both wanted it. His dick found my entrance. The head went in and it hurt. I moaned and squeezed his hand as it penetrated. We rolled again so he was on top and able to insert the rest. slowly he enteres and i feel each inch go inside. once it was all in i enjoyed it. he thrusted and i arched my back not believing we were really doing this and how great it felt. we made out while this was going on and he was playing wiht my tits. I rubbed him all over. he thrusted again hard this time and he came inside me. We repeated this twice more. eachtime lasting a few moments longer. i came with him the last time. we fell on the bed exausted and snuggled under the covers again. Curled up next to eachother i fondled his dick and when it was nice and hard again i guided it in to my aching pussy. As he was inside me we took about a 30min nap. When we woke up his dick was still inside me and he came again.

We got our clothes from the dryer and decided i should go because his mom would be home soon and we did not want to get caught. Having all that sex without a condom was not the best idea though because a month later i found out I was pregnant with our daughter and nine months to the day later, Jillian Marie was born 🙂 we are expecting number 2 now!

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