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best first time

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: in my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

It was three days before my birthday,we were on Spring break, and my mom was gone, my friend had called and said that he was one his way over my house and he had a surprise. Later he knocked on the door with this girl named Tia on his arm and said it’s party time so then this girl(Grace) from up stairs came down and was like can i come in and use the phone I’m locked out. I said “Good God” to myself and said come in. But when she went to my room to use the phone she saw the girl playing with her pussy watching a xxx tape and my friend was licking here tits ans she said “What’s going on here?” nothing I said then she turned to walk out but walked in to surprise kiss from me ans she kissed back. We at it for a minute then it was one from there. Before I could do anything I had to lock the door behind my friend cause he had to go to work. So the other girl still playing with her clit she wanted me to stick it in her. Whuile the other girl was getting undressed. She I Stuck oit in the same way the guy did on the tapes. The other girl was licking on her nipples and then was ready so I got on riding my dick and one riding my tounge at the same time.She vcame in my mouth while I came in the other girls pussy. Then they both sucked my dick until I was hard again. When went at it two more times before we all took a shower to clean up all the juices and all the stickyness left behind and the shower was like heaven for any man I call this the best first time and the best birthday present!!!!

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