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best cousin

Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: cousin's house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

ok i was at my relitives house my mom and my cousin’s mom were talking and gabbing back and forth getting drunk i was watching tv when i heard two big thuds i went to the kitchen and seen them both passed out i let them be about an hour later my cousin came home he was hot wash board stomach mussles everywhere black spike hair and a very tan body he was only 14 he asked what happened and i told him they passed out he then asked if i would help him with something in his room so i went i was in his room he said he needed to use the bathroom so i said ok and i began to look around i was a blonde haired girl i was just starting to develop my boobs i was a virgin and i knew my cousin was anyways i heard the door shut and i turned to see him standing there naked i looked at him and i was turned on his muscular body and his 8 inch cock he said i need help with this will you rub it i agreed and rubbed his cock and he became hard then he began to kiss me and i kissed him back i took my cloths off he said what are you doing i told him i wanted him well he got on top of me and began to pump it hurt but it was great he broke my cherry and i moaned loud he cummed 5 min later but he still kept it going we did it for 4 hours that night and we did every position after that night we still fuck every friday at age 19 he knocked me up i gave birth to a girl we only did it a few times after that just recently we did it now i’m preg with his son now but i regret nothing i loved it and if he wasn’t my cousin i’d live my life with him.

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