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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: my car
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I was totally ignorant about sex. I didn’t know a thing really except masturbation. Had never even seen a girl even partly naked. But my mind began to work as I was really getting to know Amy. I told her that I had belonged to a group and that I had told a lie and they would punish me and I had to submit…I wanted to submit but I needed her help. (there never was a group) She asked what kind of help. I said they would give me a list to give her and would have to do whatever was on the list. She agreed.

We went out in my car a few days later and found a very lonely place to park. I gave her the list and she began to read. When she had finished she said it would he hard on me and embarassing. First she said she had to slap my face three times so she did and it hurt. Then I had to remove my shirt and shoes and socks and get out of the car. I did. She made me walk around the car saying I loved her. I did that and then she said I had to take off my pants. I did as she asked, standing there in my shorts. Then I had to bend over and she spanked my ass with her hand and then with the paddle that was in the car. Then I had to take off the shorts. I was entirely naked! She spanked my ass some more and told me I had to masturbate in front of her. It was embarrassing but I did it and quickly came. She said that I was the first boy she ever saw naked and it was the first cum she ever saw. She then spanked me again. We got back in the car and sat there a bit and she slid over next to me and I putmy arm around her and kissed her. I kissed her again….and again and she was getting warm. With a bit of daring I touched her breast through her shirt. She moaned. I got really bold nad lifted off her shirt and saw her in her bra. I touched the bare breast sticking out of the bra and she got really hot and reached behind and took it off so I could touch the breasts all over.

Then I got even bolder and kissed them. She got really hot then and my hand went down to her crotch and touched it through her pants. She was so excited and I started to take them off, to see if she would let me and she did. It wasn’t long until she was naked and we embraced. Soon she was laying down on the seat and I was over her…I entered her.. first time! I came and she came. It was great!

We rested and then we did it again and again. It was a wonderful night. The bad part was that I left for college three days later (1900 miles away) and I never saw her again, but I have never forgotten that night. first time!

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