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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My Boyfriend's Car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

Me and Steve had been dating about 6 months and we had fooled
around and stuff but this one night we had been drinking and
I got a little drunker than normal. Well Steve and me were
kissing and making out and he put his hands in my panties
after I took off my jeans like he always does. I was on my
period but this didn’t ever bother him so I just told him to
look the other way and I went ahead and took out my tampon
because I had some more in my purse. Anyways, e had his
pants off to and I was rubbing his thing like I had done in
the past. The clear stuff was coming out of his penis and I
was really wet down there and it felt so good when he would
stick his finger in me and then rub my clitty. He asked me
if he could put his penis in me for just a minute and he
promised that he wouldn’t do the sperm stuff in me. I was
kind of scared but I really wanted to so we layed the seat
back as far as it would go and he got on top of me. I could
feel his penis on me down there and he was trying to put it
in but he wasnt putting in at the right place so i reached
down and helped him put it at my vagina. He pushed like
really hard and it felt so weird. It was a lot bigger than
a tampon but it went in but it did hurt like people say it
does but it wasn’t that bad. He started like really going
fast and I had to tell him to go slow. It felt so cool to
have his penis inside me down there. He told me that he
thought his sperm was going to come out of him and I told
him to do it in me since I was on my period and I couldn’t
get pregnant. His sperm came out of me and it felt so cool
to feel him do that in me cuz I could like feel it and it
felt all warm. Anyways he took his penis out and he cleaned
up since he was nasty cuz I was on my period and I put in
another tampon and we hugged and kissed. Steve is really
cool and we still date but now we use condoms cuz we don’t
want me to get pregnant.

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