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Bean bag chair

Where it happened: my house
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

well Jen and I had been together for about 6 months at the time, and we had talked about sex a lot and we were both ready for it, the opportunity was all we needed. so she came over one day and we both knew what was gonna happen. we started making out in this living room chair and she was sitting on my lap facing me, then we moved to a sleeping bag as I took her clothes off and she removed mine, we had been naked together a few times before and done everythign but intercourse. so I finally mounted her and just barely penetrated me head, but she said it hurt a lot and as I pushed for more she pulled away, so we stopped for a bit and watched a movie, then after a while we were at it again, this time in the bean bag chair, except this time she sat on top of me and as I thrusted hard into her, she started smiling, I asked if she liked it, “oh yes!” she said, so I kept going faster and harder and we both came, it was a great day and we were much closer (if that was possible) then. we stayed together for 9-10 months total and we’re good friends now, we’ve gained a lot from each other.

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