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Bday present

Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: My Uncles Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Finally old enough to buy my own beer, but still a virgin.
Not for long. About a month before my 21st Bday, I met
the woman of my dreams. We started dating later that weekend
After a while things got a bit more physical. She hit me
with the news that she was leaving for school the day after
my bday. We decided to spend the day together. With my
luck the day got shorter. I had to wait for my car to get
fixed and her mom stayed hom to help her finish packing
for her departure. With only a few hours until my mom
got home from work we had no place to go. Lucky me though
my uncle was in Canada for a week and i had the keys. She
came to my place to pick me up. She hands me a small gift
wrapped box. She says happy Bday and told me to open it.
I did and it turned out to be a box of condoms. I looked at
her and she said happy bday again. We kissed for about 5
minutes and then we drove to my uncles place. We were all
over each other from the elevator to the front door to the bed
. I took off her shirt and started sucking on her tits.
She let out a moan when I licked her nipples. I then took
off her shorts then her soaking wet panties. I fingered her
while she undid my pants. When we were both naked, I got
on top of her and put my 7 inch virgin dick in. She guided
me in. I went in bare back the first time. I didnt last
very long. We laid there for a few minutes then we fucked
again. We finished off the box of condoms. We showered
together afterwards then she left. The next day she would
go to school. Justbmy luck. About a month later she called
me and told me she was pregnant. I guess going in bareback
the first time wasnt a good idea. She is now 4 months
pregnant and we are engaged to get married as soon as the
baby is born……

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