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Bang my babysitter

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

At the time I was 14, 5’7, played lacrosse and was pretty well toned muscle wise. She was in her mid/early 30s, had about 36DD chest, Latina and about 5’6. It happened one Friday after my parents left for a big work function and would be back on Sunday. My parents didn’t trust me or my brother so they hired our normal babysitter for the weekend. My little brother slept over his friends house so it was just me and this goddess. Later that night, she walked in on me putting on my towel and saw my 8 inch dick. When I was watching tv in my room, at about 11 oclock, she came in and confronted me about it. She said she was sorry and I told her I was sorry too because when she was staring at my dick, I was staring at her huge boobs. After that coment, she started getting really kinky and we started to make out, rolling around on my bed and then we started to use tongue and i decided to go for it and put my hands her DD tits. as im squeezing her tits and kissing she grabs my hand and takes it off. she instead put it up her shirt under her bra. we started to kiss longer and more passionately while im still squeezing her big boobs. then she takes her hand and moves it down my body onto my crotch. she grabs my dick through my pants and rubs it. then takes my cock out and starts to give me a hand job. as i pull her shirt over her huge tits. and start to suck on them pushing them together. She then gave me the best blow job I have ever had, stroking my dick up and down while sucking on it and She loved it as she started to move her tongue around the head of my penis., soon my dick exploded with cum everywhere, her face and all over her titties. She licked all of it off her face. After that I start to tit fuck her. Moving my dick up and down in between those huge mounds of flesh. then we started to tongue kiss again as i slide my hand down her pants and start to rub her clit. then shove two finger deep in her pussy. she loved it since she started to moan and thrust her waist out. after i get through with fingering her she hops ontop of me and puts her tits in my face shaking them back and forth. as i grab them and squeeze them around my then she took her pants, panties, shirt and bra off then she ripped my pants and shirt  off and underwear. revealing my hard cock and then mounted me. At first it Hurt a little but then It got better,  both her and i moaned loud as my cock went in and out of her. it felt great having her warm wet pussy on my hard dick she was moaning and breathing heavily the whole time  and after 40 minutes, I shot a huge load all over her and inside her we stopped fucking for a little and I rubbed her clit, She was still moaning but not as loud. We started fucking again, fucking her pussy faster and harder with each time i thrust for another hour or so. her boobs were jiggling and she was moaning so much I shot a third load all in her . I pulled out of her and she got down and started blowing me, once again, stroking my dick up and down while sucking on it. after 10 minutes i came again. outside of her. and we layed there for a half hour, It was the best time in my life. we continued to fuck 4 more times in 2 days and she still visits today and most of the time, my parents aren’t home.

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