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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: mikes bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

well it a sweet story nothing all about how hard he did me but a love one 🙂 my boyfriends parents were away for the weekend so after he got out of work he piked me up at my house. When we got to his house he decided to go take a shower so i just layed around in his room and looked at some pics on the wall..when he got out i was a tad horny but i didnt want it to come out. He layed on his back and i got ontop of him. we talked for a while and then i complained that my bra was buggin me. he resolved that problem easily he carefully removed it and took my shirt off with it. of course were not serious so we laughed and i was a lil embarrased to be topless in from of him. he told me i was beautiful and i gave him a sweet kiss on the lips. I could tell he was gettin hard. We started to make out a little then i felt his hand go down the back of my shorts and to h9is surprise i had a thong on. he liked that alot. to make it fair i told him to take of his shirt. he layed me down and took it off then he unbuttoned my shorts and took them off. he ran his hand across my thong a stuck a couple of his fingers in me and i was pretty damn wet in there. i told him that i wanted to make love to him so he pulled my thong off and i was naked infront of his for the first time. His cock was sticking oout of his shorts and i wanted that in me. So he slipped his boxers off and his cock was standing straight up. He grabbed a condom and slipped it off.(we only have sex with one on). he teasingly asked is this what you want in you…and he got ontop of my and spread my legs wide open. he started to go and ill admit it hurt..hes big about 9 inches long. i kissed him as he went in and it felt so reassuring that it was him and not anither guy. he began to pump and i wrapped my legs around him and began to moan loudly, (since no one was home i could be super loud)he went harder and i grabbed his back and pulled it closer to me..i knew i was gunna cum any mintue so i told him i want it faster and harder..well he sure did that and i came all over his bed. Soon afer he orgasimed..we were laying around afterwards and then heard rocks on his window and say that i was a few of his friends…we paid no attention to them and cuddled then we did it one more time before we went out..it was the best love i ever got from a guy. Mike i love you so much

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