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babysitter sex

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My little sister needed a babysitter. My parents didnt think i was old enough to take care of her so they got a babysitter. I was sitting on my bed with my pants down jacking off when she walked into my room asking when i wanted to eat dinner. When she noticed me jacking off she said “thats bigger than my ex’s” I was so shocked. She was inching towards me and touching her boobs. She said “you wanna do it?” i said” o yes. I was so nervous. i ran into my parents drawer where i found condoms once and took one. When i took off her shirt her boobs were huge. her nipples were so hard and i started feeling them and kissing them. She grabbed my dick and started rocking my world. Her mouth was taking my whole cock. she went faster and faster and faster. I said i was gonna cum and cummed in her mouth so much. I took off her lacy pink g-string thong. I remember the smell of her pussy. The best smell in the world. Her pussy was so wet and slimy. I started licking her clit and she said lets go. I put the condom on and she guided me in. She moaned and screamed i went faster and faster. She was scratching my back so much. She told me to get out and she jumped on and started to ride my cock she rode and bucked and moaned as i felt her tits and made out with her. i had cummed at least 4 times she then said “im gonna squirt im gonna squirt!!!!” she rode and rode and rode then it happened she squirted all over my abs. I then took her doggy style and cummed twice more. She took the condom off and sucked me for a long time. I cummed everywhere on her. It was the time of my life. She said it was the best sex shes ever had because it was someone who actually enjoyed it and didnt do it to loose there virginity

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