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Babysitter and friend

Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: In girlfriends best friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was only 12 years old when it all happened i was out with my girlfriend Laura walking around and talking when she said we should go and visit Trudy who i knew and was also her best friend .
We got to the frount door and Catrina answered (she was Trudys friend) she said that they were babysitting for her sister who would not be back till the morning, so just come in as the kids were in bed.
We all sat in the livingroom and talked for hours when Trudy put on a film and got some booze from the kitchen, so we all got down to some serious drinking while watching the film.
It wasnt long before Laura said it was time for her to go as her mum was picking her up so she said her good bye,s and started to head for the door, Trudy stopped me and said that if i wanted to come back and get totaly wrecked i could .
I said good bye to Laura and headed back to Trudy’s. She invited me in with a can of larger in her hand passing it to me and lead me to the livingroom.
I sat on the couch and Trudy sat in frount of me on the floor. As time went on i was feeling more and more drunk when Trudy said that her back hurt and could i give it a rub which i agreed to as there was nothing wrong with that. Anyway i rubbed her back with one hand and held a beer can in the other when she said dont you know how to massarge properly, i replied of corse i do so put down the can and started to show that i knew what i was doing (Not) I was getting in to the film so i did not concentrate on what i was doing when she flopped her head back and looked up at me and said rub my neck while you are at it, i just agreed.
It got to the point that i needed the toilet which i excused myself for and when i came back i saw that Catrina was sleeping on the floor and Trudy had not moved.She said as i sat down could i continue with the massarge as her neck was hurting so i started to rub her neck and she turned her head as she did this i moved forward to get comfortable and my hand went down here top and brushed against her breast there was no complaint of shock she just looked at me with a weired look in her eyes and i felt the erge to kiss her. As my face met hers she just plunged her tounge in my mouth with such force and passion i got hard straight away and just made my way further in to her top to get a better hold of her breasts with that she turned round and said she wanted to give me a massarge i would not forget and pushed me back in to the couch and pulled down my track suit bottoms the shock was my boxers came down with them.
I was sat there in shock as she took hold of my cock and shoved it stright in to her mouth taking down every inch. I just threw back my head and screamed with joy as i sensed that i was about to come which i warned her about she just looked up and said don’t worry. with that i just exploded and she swallowed every drop of my juices, and when she finished me off she took my hand and lead me to the kitchen where she said she wanted something in return and pulled my hand to her crotch and i started to rub her clit through her jeans , but that wasn’t enough she ripped off her jeans and knickers to the floor grabbbd my hand and plunged it in to her pussy, it was so wet i just rubbed her clit until she came then i took over.
I told her to lie on the floor and spread her legs i wanted to taste my first pussy it was so warm and tasted like honey i went crazy licking and sucking her until she came again and again.
By now i was so hard whith what was going on i said was it ok? to have sex with her as i had never done it before the reply i got was yes but it’s my first time also.
Kissing passiontly i lowered myself on to her rubbing my cock against her pussy and pushing the tip just in to her womans entrance hole slowly i pushed deeper and deeper but she told me to stop and just get it in as fast as possible with that i plunged in as quickly and carefuly as i could the feeling was unbeliveable her warmth was so erotic.
I looked to her and said are you alright she just looked and smiled, Yes she said just make me come please make me come i thrust faster and faster and felt her start to shudder and i felt myself coming to the brink of orgasm. God it’s the second best feeling it the world. She started to shout im cuming and i could not hold back i just erupted deep inside of her.That is the best feeling in the world.
As we calmed down we heared the door open and in walked Catrina who just stood there looking at us naked on the floor and then said what do you think you are doing fucking my girlfriend you have your own. I had no idea that Catrina and Trudy were lesbians.
Trudy looked at her and said hes just poped my cherry why don’t you have a go and ill join in.
No sooner had she said that Catrina ripped off her cloths and joined us on the floor she had much larger breasts than Trudy and she also had a shaved her pussy. I started to say don’t i have a say in any of this when Trudy grabbed my now erect cock and swallowed it whole while Catrina got between Trudy’s legs and started to eat her out. i could not belive what was going on.
Catrina looked at me and said that it was her turn but she was a bit too dry and she would have to sit on my face so i could eat her out and get her juices flowing. As we were doing this Trudy was working on my cock faster and faster ,im going to cum i said but it was too late i filled her mouth with my cum and she got up and sat on my cock which was now limp and started to kiss Catrina with my cum all over her face,Catrina just licked and sucked it all off as Trudy was rubbing my cock with her pussy to get me hard for Catrina.
As soon as i was hard Catrina got up and Trudy sat on my face i could feel Catrina rubbing my cock around her pussy and slowly sitting down on the length of my cock i felt it as she screamed shouting i’ve lost it my cherry’s gone.
She started to bounce faster and Trudy started to rock faster. I could hear them talking saying that they wanted to cum at the same time. Catrina said she was closer to orgasm than Trudy was so Trudy rocked faster on my face im cuming she shouted i could not wait any longer i just shot my load so deep inside her she came straight away and fell on the floor with her legs wide open. I saw my cum dripping out of her exposed hole and Trudy just jumped up and dove between her legs liking and sucking out all of my come my cock was still hard and i wanted more so i took hold of Trudys arse and rubbed my cock against her tight hole and slowly pushed it in deeper and deeper until my whole length had dissapered in to her tight arse it was just as good as being in her pussy i got the feeling that my cock was getting harder so i started to thrust harder. Screams or joy were comming from both of them and we all came again together. That was the last time we had sex that night. The next day i told Laura everything and she dumped my which is what i deserved. I am still part of Trudy and Catrina’s sex lives.

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