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Where it happened: my room
Langauge: English
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Chris and I had been going out for about 5 months. We hardly ever saw each other outside of school because neither of us was old enough to drive and his parents hated me and my dad hated him. So we were pretty much SOL. Well, it was a few days after school let out for the summer and Chris called me. I wasn’t supposed to be on the phone- I was grounded for a month because my dad found a bunch of dirty notes from Chris. He said he wanted to see me before he had to leave for his family vacation and I had to leave for mine. He said he was going to sneak over to my house in the middle of the night. I didn’t think he would because Chris was such a goody-goody and afraid to get in trouble with his parents. Well, I waited up untill about 2 in the morning even though I thought he would be a no show. After 2 I went to sleep. At about 5 in the morning, I woke up. I kept hearing this thumping sound on my window. I looked out, and there was Chris, throwing Gummi Bears! I went outside and was like “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Your parents will wake up soon and know you’re gone!” He said he didn’t care, he just wanted to be with me. So walked to the playground and hung out there for a while, just talking. At about 6:30 I went back home. Chris had to wait around for my parents to leave. My dad woke up and asked me where I had been, so I told him I was out running ( I run a mile every morinig). My dad and stepmom were gone by 8, and I let Chris in after they left. We hung out for a little while, and ended up making out on the couch. After about 15 minutes of some “heavy petting”, my little sister woke up and came downistaitrs. OOOPPPPS! I had forgotten I had to baby sit! Oh well, I improvised. I sat her down in front of the TV with some waffles and she was dead to the world in a matter of minutes. Chris wanted me to “show him my new bedroom furniture”. I was really nervous and didn’t really want to show him anything, but I had promised him a good time if he did show. And there he was, so I was obligated. So we went upstairs to my room. I sat down on my bed, and Chris shut the blinds and curtains. I wasn’t really sure what I supposed to do. We started making out and he went up my shirt and felt around a little bit, and that was all it took to get me in the mood. I was about to jump on top of him when he took my shirt off and unhooked my bra. He started sucking on my tits and at the same time went down my pants and was rubbing my clit. Oh my God, I was soooo hot! After I thought I was going to burst if he didn’t let me pleasure him, I pushed him off and pushed him so he was laying down on the bed and I was on top. I took off his pants and boxers and got quite the suprize! He had told me his dick inches, and here was this huge, throbbing dick in my hands. He looked at me and said, “I wanted you to love me for me, not the size of my dick”. It must have been 9 inches. Well I was so happy that I wanted to tease him a little bit. So I did a little strip show and then kissed him from head to toe. I thought he was gonna cum for sure when I very lightly kissed the end of his cock and then started sucking it ever so gently. He started to get mad because I was teasing him so bad. So I climbed on top of him, without letting him in, and started to dry hump, kissing him and leaving hickeys all over his neck and chest. Then he got really mad and pushed me off of him so I was laying down again, spread my legs, and slammed into me. Oh my God, I screamed bloody murder. I knew my first time was gonna hurt, but I didn’t think it would hurt that bad. After a minute or two, it started to feel good. It hurt a little when he would slide it almost all the way out and then slam it in again, and I would moan, but he seemed to like it so much I didn’t tell him to slow down. After we both came, he stopped and layed down behind me and put his arm around me. We cuddled like that for the longest time. I finally told him I loved him. He had been telling me he loved me for a month, but I wouldn’t say it back cuz I wanted to be sure it meant something when I did. It meant so much right then, all snuggled up together, exahausted and sweating, and in love.

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