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Auntie Shirley

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Aunt's living room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Auntie Shirley was a cousin of my mom’s and she was 37
when it happened. She has divorced her hushand for over 3
years but her three kids normally stayed with her. I was 14
and often spent a month or so in their apartment for summer.
Now my cousins (all older than me) needed to go and spend a
week with their father, leaving me alone with Auntie Shirley
in the apartment.
Auntie Shirley was dressing very causal after work that
evening, wearing a V-cut gown. Her 36D tit was almost
entirely visible when she moved around. When
she started to bent down to tidy up some magazines on the
coffee table in front of me, I could get a glimpse of her
nipples. I could not get her off my mind and I was jerking
off in my room when I heard her quarrelling on the phone
in the living room. She was quarrelling with her ex-hushand
on the phone and started to shout at hime about “the other
woman”. He must have said something about the other woman
being much younger and much more attractive than auntie
shirley. She then started crying and after 5 minutes just
hanged up.
She was still crying very bitterly when I went to the living
room to check whether she was OK and needed a drink. I sat
next to her and she started to tell me how it hurt to hear
his ex-hushand saying that she was less attractive than
the other woman. I could see her 36D tit going up and down
in front of me, with my cock almost aching to burst in my
pants. I decided to try my luck. Touching her hair briefly
pretending to comfort her, I met with no resistance. She
started to lean against me, allowing me to put my hand around
her shoulder, and rubbing her arm. I started to say she
was the most attractive woman in the world, while I rubbed
the side of her body and touching her breast through her
gown. She looked up on me and say, “Simon, hold me tight
Noone has held me for the last 4 years!”. I held her tighter
and started to squeeze her breasts through the gown. She
moved even closer and kissed me one my lips.
During the long kiss, I slip my hand into her gown and squeeze
her tits and play around with her nipples. After the kiss,
she leaned back and I opened up her gown and started licking
and kissing her tits and nipples. Her breasts were so big, I
could roll my entire head against it, feeling its warmth and
softness. She started to guide my left hand into her
panties and inserted my mid finger into her cunt.
She moaned while I finger-fuck her and moved her body up and
down with my finger movement. My mouth stayed on her
sweet breast and nipples.
After a few minutes, she cried, “Simon, fuck me, fuck me, I
could not stand it anymore.” She grabbed my cock out from
my pants and dropped her panties. She lied down on the
sofa and guide my impatient cock into her cunt, by now very
wet. It was my first time in a woman’s cunt, and it felt like
heaven. I kept going in and out, but being inexperienced and very
excited, I only managed to stay for around 30 seconds before
I cum.
We made love again daily that week. No one knew about
our affairs. We kept making love to each other a few
times each year in the next few years until her whole family
moved to the States.

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