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At the Drive In

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Car
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

It is well known that the Drive In (almost extinct) was the greatest makeout spot in the world. A couple in a car in a dark parking lot surrounded by people in other cars is a fantastic place to get together.

I was 17 and had just gotten a car. I had been working all year and finally had it! It was an old Chevy Impala. The body wasn’t in the best of shape but the engine was and it had a large back seat.

I asked Mary if she would like to go out on a date on Saturday night and go to the drive in. She was also 17 and really stacked. We got to the drive in, got the popcorn and cokes and the movie started. I don’t remember what the movie was, but I remember what happened.

Mary and I started to make out in the front seat, but things got real hot fast and she suggested we might be more comfortable in the back since there was no gear shift there. I agreed and we went to the back.

Once there, things really got hot as we were making out. I placed my hands on her breast and was kissing her on her lucious mouth. Her hands were also busy and soon found my hard on in my pants! She began to rub me which almost made me lose my load. But before that could happen, she began to take off my shirt. Her hands ran over my pecs and stomach muscles as well as my strong back.

Then she leaned back and opened up her blouse exposing her breast in her bra, which she also took off. I continued to kiss and stroke her breast until she finally reached down and began to undo my belt. I helped her and soon was shed of my pants. I was only in my underware now with my hard on sticking way out from my body hard as a rock.

Then she took off here pants as well and then her underware as did I. We continued to kiss and stroke and then she said,”Stick it in me.” I rose over her and for the first time for both of us entered her and slowly sank into her passage of love. It was the most wonderful feeling that words can’t describe. I felt her hymen and pushed through and she had just a moment of pain, but that seemed to quickly pass. After I got all the way in she began to buck and so I began to pump my penis in and out of her. Slow at first then faster and faster. I don’t know if she had an orgasm, though it seemed she did, then I fired in full blast.

I had never felt that way when I masterbated. It was so intense I almost passed out. So did Mary. We laid there for a while naked in the back seat. She played with my dick and got it up again real quick and we did it again!

We didn’t date much longer, but I’ll never forget Mary!

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