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Ashley. C.

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Movie theatre
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

The First time i ever gave head was in a movie theatre, if you think im a slut because of it then suit yourself. i was at a movie on a double date with my friend, and this guy who had been my friend for about 4 years. it was a nostalgia movie theatre so the movie was like 3 hours long and it had an intermission in the middle. during the intermission me and my friend decided to go use the washroom. we got in there, and due to it being the middle of the day we were completely alone. she giggled and told me that my friend had a nice butt, thinking that she was joking i made another coment about the sexiness of his abs. she then went into how her BF also had really amazing muscles including one in perticular. being a virgin as i was at the time, and having never seen a cock before in my life (other than in pictures) I asked her what she ment by amazing. she gave my an acward look and said that it wasn’t perticularily big, but it tasted amazing for some reason… upon hearing this i was blown back, she saw my surprise and asked me what was so surprising. I told her that since i had never even thought about oral sex before let alone given it to a person, what she said surprised me, and the fact that she was only 15 made me wonder hoe active she really was. she laughed at me and called me an “innocent little virgin” I told her a bitch and she told me to prove her wrong. at this point in time i started moving back towards the theatre slightly outraged by our dissagreement. so we got back to the theatre and sat back down beside our dates, once the movie started i saw my friend (whos name is Lindsey by the way) reach her hand into her boyfriends lap and start stroking his cock, i saw him move his arm up behind her head and i saw her head dissapear into his lap. my date looked over and then quickly looked away not wanting to seem like a starer. after about 10 minutes (in which i got wetter by the minute)lindsey resurfaced her face around her mouth covered in a juicey slime ( c u m ) she then looked at me and smiled, i saw my date look at her and look away quickly again, he looked flushed, being of the same sexual experience as me (none) he was obviously getting turned on (and what man wouldnt lindsey was a pretty girl, and seeing a pretty girl do that was enought to make a guy flushed)
another 20 minutes went by and i started thinking about how attractive my date looked, i had never really thought about it before but i considered him to be fairly attractive, so i decided to prove lindsey wrong. i quickly reached over to lindsey slipped my hand down beside her and grabbed her thong strap and snapped it to get her attention, after doing so i turned to my date and kissed him on the cheek. He didnt know what to do, i wouldnt be surprised if that was his first kiss, but i didnt stick around for a responce i slid my hand down to his pants and pulled his penis up through the top of his pants. I looked at it and decided it must be fairly germ free so i bent down and licked it once, it tasted salty and got stiff as soon as my tongur touched it. i continued to lick it bent over him when i felt his hand slip onto the back of my head and push down gently. upon doing that i opened my mouth and started sucking on it, i tried to get as much sucktion as i could and bobed my head up and down. i didthis for a few moments, and he started to twitch around and i felt his cock stiffen more than i thought it could, suddenly i felt lindsey reach over to my ass and she reached her fingers down my jeans and grabbed my thong, pulling it up quite far so that it was evident to everyone (it was actually my first thong ever t was pink and had a heart pattern cut into the butt part) only just a few moments after she snapped my thong in place i felt a warm salty feeling in my mouth, not knowing what to do i swallowed as much as i could and kept sucking. about an hour later i was still giving my date oral sex and i kept getting the warm salty feeling in my mouth, and he had just finished once more when the movie ended. so i lifted my head up for the fist time in an hour and saw my date looking quite happy and very very red faced. we walked out of the theatre, lindsey was giggling, and from across the hall a ticket ripper yelled hey sugar… i love pink. at this point i didnt care about my thong showing (which was usually taboo for me) me and lindsey stopped in at the washroom before leaving and she asked me how many times he came. i didnt know what she was talking about so i said i didnt know, she snapped my thong again (which i was now tucking back into my pants) and told my to just tell her. i finaly convinced her i didnt know and explained that he just kept making a warm salty feeling in my mouth, i told her it happened like 6 times and she shook her head and said what a lucky bastard. i learned soon after that that you are supposed to stop after 1 orgasm which turned out to be one warm salty feeling, but now me and my date are going steady and i gve him oral sex at least once a day.

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