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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was 15 when it happened. I had been friends with this boy, Tom since as long i could remember. One day I was over his house with him and his friend watching a movie. Pretty average day for us. In the middle of the movie he and i were sitting next to each other at a table doing ou homework. All of a sudden he begins to rub my thigh. At first i wwas tottaly surprised i mean he was like my best friend. Then i realy started to enjoy it and moved my hand over and rubbed the bulge in his pants. We both looked at each other and knew. He turned to his friend and said that we both had to go and get something for our homework. We walked into his moms and dads room. He sat down on the bed waiting. This was my first blowjob but i knew what to do. I unzipped his pants and pulled ou his throbbing cock. I was immediatly intimidated. I twas easily 7 inches long and very thick. There was no way i could fuck this thing i thought. Despite my thought i got ot work sicking nad puping him. He told me he was cumming but i thought he would like it if i swallowed so i did. I almost gagged but kept it down. He immediatly took off my shirt and began to suck my c cup tits still with my bra on. I slowly unzipped my pants and slip themof. As he was sucking on my tits which felt amazing he reached down and began to rub my clit through y panties. I was amazingly wet and this felt like it was going to make me explode. He stopped sucking o m tits and lowered his head to lick my dripping wet pussy. In no time i cummed all over his face alomst screaming in pleasure. Finally the time had come I spread my legs even farhter as i was sitting on the side of the bed. He got inbetween me and slowly presses his cock into my tight pussy. God ur tighht he said as he inched his way in. It hurt really bad having my cunt streched that far from his massive dick. I thanked god my hymen was broken form a tampon earlier as he finnaly managed his cock all the way in. Then he began to slowly pump. My cries of pain turned into moans of pleasure. he pumped faster and faster till my tits were bouncing with every thrust. I screamed as i came withhis huge cock still inside me. Soon he shot his load into me. Then he pulled me out and told me to turn over. I got into a doggystuyle position and he slid his cock in. HE fucked me so hard and fast. JUst as i screamed agin the friend we both had forgottn about burst in the door.Tommy stoped his thrusts but remained inside my pussy. Even thogh his friend stood their i couldn’t stop rubbing my clit and moaning. The friend walke over and smiled at us. WE alkl knew what was going to happen. I invited hoim over as he took of his pants. His dick wasn’t as big as Tommy’s but was still a good size. HE stuck it in mymouth and began to face fuck me. Looking ack at it i no it was slutty but at the time i could’y think of any thing but the two amazing cocks in me. The fucked me in every place and positon imaginanble. The even fucked my tight ass hole and pussy at the samr time. It was the greatest expirience of my life. Noiw i have a steady boyfriend but still com e back to Tom and his friend to get pounded ever now and then.

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