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Another woman’s man

Age when it happend: 35
Where it happened: business tip
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

This was not my first time by any means I have been married for 13 years. This is my first time with another woman’s husband or some besides my husband. Last week I was on a trip for my company. I ran into this real nice guy who had a booth next to mine. We went to dinner together and talked a lot about just business stuff. I invited him to come by my room and we would talk some more. Well he did and I got of telling him my personal life about how my hubby watches sports more than interested in sex. He asked if I would like him to kiss me and hold me close for a little while and treat me like a lady. I said I would like that, not intending to have sex with him. His touch just tore me up, he had all the right moves. He started stroking my breast and rubbing by ass. I knew it was getting out of hand , but I had not had that in a long time. Then I made my breast bare for him. He started to suck on my nipples. Shit I am losing control my pussy is over riding my brain. I move his hand around to my pussy and my skirt comes off then my panties. He has dropped his pants and takes off his shirt. This guy is swung like I have never seen before. He shoves his massive dick deep into my already wet pussy. My husband use to fuck me a lot, but this really hurt, but it was real good. I think we went at it almost an hour. this was the best sex I have ever had. Just before he went he asked was I on any kind of birth control and I lyed and said I was on the pill so he jacked me full. I went to the bathroom and I was bleeding some. I asked him to spend the night then he said he need to go call his wife. Oh well I guss she is a lucky woman to have a man swung like that. When I got home I went to the OB/Gyn he said it looks like he may have just tore some tissue that my hubbby had not torn, and counted it up and the timing was not right for me to have concived. I got a sterm chewing out about I could have got Aids or some other STD. While the Dr. was up me he gave me a pap smear and put me on the pill. I just hope I run into him at the next trade show.

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