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Age when it happend: 35
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

This was a wonderful incident which happened with me in the last month, I was called by a far relative of mine to stay with them as my brother (my relatives elder son) was out of station for 5 days. I have to go from my office and stay with my brother’s mother and his wife in the night. That day as I have to go from the office I could not take my change with me, I had to wear a lungi in the night. When I was ready to go to sleep my sister in law came in my room to keep some water and asked me to pull down the mosquito net, as I was doing it suddenly my lungi came down and I was naked before I could do anything my sister in law touched my penis and started smiling, as usual I was hot and my penis was like an iron rod, without thinking anything I grabbed my sister in laws shoulders and pulled her towards me to kiss her lips, she said not now afterwards, wait I has no other choice beside waiting she came in the night, I grabbed her and asked her why is doing this with me she said “ Sali agar aadhi garwali ho sekti haye to kyu debar adha garwala nahi ban sakti haye” I said “ aj rat meri garwali ban jao” she kissed me and said “ maye to kabki ban gayei” I was hot and took her in hug and started kissing her in the face and shoulders neck stripped her sari and kissed her boobs, when I was doing so she said “ aur kuuch karoge bhi yea srif chumteye rahoge” I hearing this removed her sari and the blouse and the petty coat kissed her from the fore head to her feet, she was horny, I took her in my laps and put her on the bed, removed her bra and the panty and she started to remove my lungi and vest and again touched my penis, I grabbed her shoulder and inserted my penis in to her vagina she started with a Aaaaaah Ummm and which turned me more on and I started pumping as I was very much excited within one or two mins I was finished, it was lovely but was not satisfying to me and to her also, but we went to sleep.
I don’t know suddenly I was waked up by a street light falling from the outside road and then I saw that light has fallen on my sister in law’s nude body she was looking fabulous I was charged again and this time I took time and started to squeeze her bobs which waked her up and I kissed her she said “Umm keya kar rahe ho” I did not said anything but started pressing her belly fingered her vagina which immediately went wet , she then started kissing me and I immediately inserted my cock in to her pussy and started pumping this went very long and I started enjoying her by sucking her boobs and her lips and then her belly, I took a long time and when it ended I was exhausted and also she was she said “ uff aj too ne loot liya” we went to sleep.
Due to some mosquito bite I was waked up, it was dark inside I thought my sister in law has left but still I started searching her with my hand immediately my hand touched her nude body when my hands reached her mouth she bite my finger I grabbed her she said “ aur mat karo “ but I did not listened and started fucking her again I got exhausted after a long pumping session and went to sleep when I got up she was wiping my belly as it was full with cum. She dressed up and went out from the room.
A long as I stayed in their house she used to come and become my gharwali and we enjoyed the nights

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