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Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Ok here it goes… on April 25th I went over my friend scotts house to meet his cousin Justin. Scott wanted me to meet justin to get this one guy (my best friend now)off of my mind. so I met him and he was real good looking. the first day I saw him we just cuddled and layed on each other, I personally never get down on the first night. 2 days later he and scott go over my friends house (scott’s girl)and he start making out and he goes up my shirt. So far the only thing I have ever done with a guy was making out so this was all new too me.
Then three weeks go by and I go to scotts house again. now before this we talked a lot and he always joked about us having sex, I never thought anything of it. So I get to his house and I’m sitting with justin alone and then he starts kissing me then heavy duty making out,then he starts going down my pants for the first time and I didn’t mind. then he pulled up my shirt and started sucking on my tits (which felt sooo good!) and then h
e went lower and he started eating me out, I loved that! I felt I should return the favor so I unzipped his pants and I started giving him a hand job, then that turned into giving him head.
He constantly was asking me if he could fuck him, and I kept saying no. (cause I only knew him for 3 weeks)but then I had enough so I said yes. We went upstairs and he pulled down my pants and put a condom on and roughly put it in me. IT HURT SO BAD!! I told him to stop after a minute or 2 and I got him off of me and he said “oh come on it will get better” so he got back on me and wouldn’t stop. he was hurting me so bad, I was cying.
Trust me it gets worse, after that he ignored me until I got picked up and left. and when I got home he called me and stuff but basically that was the last I heard from him. then a month later my mom searched my room and found a note from one of my friends about my experience. I got in soooo much trouble and justin didn’t give a fuck! So now my parents lost their trust in me and I’m grounded, and I’m only allowed to do certain things. Trust me it was not worth it, wait till your older. That messed up my life so bad. Well that was my first and last experience with sex for a while, or atleast till I’m older and with someone I care about very very much.

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