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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

It was july 4 1999 i was up north with my friends and family i had noticed that we had new neibors and that they were pretty young and hot. So i decied to go introduce my self. when i got up slose to talk to them i realized how increbly sexy this guy was his name was Ryan he was 6″1 tan blond hair blue eys and very built he was sixteen. We started talking he was so nice and he asked me if i wanted to hang out with him and his friends tonite i said yes cause i now my friends would not care. Then later that nite around 8:00 pm we all went out on his dock.
Everyone was drinking having a great time. Ryan and i stayed sober though. Ryan and i decied to leave and go for a ride on his boat. We then got on his boat and took it all the way in to the middle of the lake. We then sstarted to kiss and slowly our clothes started coming off.
Then he started feeling my body kissing my tits rubbing them hard then his lips started moving down kissing every single inch of my stomach ntill he reachead my wet pussy. He sucked and sucked it felt so good i was moaning and groaning. He new exatly were to kiss me were to touch me he made me feel soooo good.
Then i decied its my turn to give him some pleasure i wanted to make him jizz all over. I told him to lay down on his back so i could suck his cock. I started at the head of his dick sucking hard and massing it with my tounge sucking his jizz i paused he was screaming with enjoyment. Then i finshed sucking im mm he tasted so good. THen we founnd a condom on his boat
he put it on and he stuck his dick allt he way insinde me it felt so good to have him inside me we spent the whole night having sex on his boat. Then we fellasleep naked on top of each other when we woke up He smiled at me and told me i was the best thing that he had ever have. THat made me smile of course then we kissed and we gave each other oral sex. From then on we agrred on being sex parners i go up to my cabin every weekend so we fuck all the time we have so much fun we had sex over 20 times now
My Fuck Buddie Ryan The best thing that ever happened to me

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