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And it was good…

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Her place
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

It was the day after the last day of eighth grade. I decided to go to my girlfriends house, just assuming we would hang out for the day. Her parents were at work, so we were alone until about 6 PM. So, I got there, and watched some TV. All of a sudden, she started to lay on top of me, and we dry humped. It was great. She then asked if I wanted the real thing. I obviously accepted. So, she went digging around her sisters room for a condom, and found a few. She took them, knowing her sister wouldn’t mind. So we went to her room, and she told me to get ready. She went into her bathroom. I put a condom on, and she came out buck naked. She lay on the bed, and I entered my penis into her vagina. It felt so great. I rode her for about 5 minutes, and I came right as she did. It was amazing. I got off of her, and removed the rubber. We cuddled for awhile, before agreeing to do it again. So she grabbed a condom, put it on my hard penis, and got on all fours. I entered her in the backside, and we did it doggystyle. We lasted about 20 minutes, before she came about a minute before I did. We watched a movie, and it was 3:30 before we knew it. So we decided on one more fuck before I left. So I once again put on a rubber, and she got on top and rode me hard for 10 minutes before we came mutually. She got off of me and we got dressed, and we made out for a few minutes before I had to go. The next day, I went to the opposite side of the country to see family for the whole summer. We talked over the phone. She decided to break up with me in early August. So before I went home, I ran into an old girlfriend, and we fucked a few times. It was great, but not as good as the first time. In Febuary of the next year, I suddenly got a call from the ex I lost my virginity to. She wanted to meet, so we met for lunch. Turns out she was 8 months pregnant with my child. I was in panic, as we used protection, but I accepted it. Her parents were gonna take care of the child, and I could stop by and be a father figure. I did stop by a few times a week, and believe it or not, we reconciled. My baby girl is approaching 2 now, and we can’t believe it.

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