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An Actor’s Dream

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Hotel room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I met him at an actor’s convention that was being held in the city for five days. I had split up with my group and was sitting in the lobby of my hotel writing a letter to a friend when he sat down in front of me and we started talking. We became good friends in a short period of time and hung out for a couple of days. On our last night together we were in his room after seeing a play. I was exhausted and threw myself on the bed, faced away from him and his roommates. One of his roommates said I looked lonely so he came over and laid there next to me. I turned around to look at him and we started kissing. His roommates couldnt stand watching us and threw the covers over our head…which was fine by us. He unzipped my dress slowly so his roommates wouldn’t hear. Then he slipped his hand inside my dress and played with my breasts and nipples. He slid down and placed his mouth over one of my breasts and sucked on it and played with my nipple with his tongue. I slid my dress to my waste so he could have better access. I started rubbing him through his pants and then he slid his hand down to my panties. He placed his hand inside and and carressed my butt. He rubbed my crotch and asked if I wanted to go back to my room so we could have privacy. I told him no and we continued doing what we were doing. We never got to finish the whole act because his director knocked on the door and we scrambled to get ourselves together. You have never seen four people move so fast. I quickly got my dress back on and he answered the door. We all got yelled at and I walked past the director to go back to my room. When I got back to my room I realized my dress was not all the way zipped up the back. Although I didn’t have sex that night it was a memorable night and if I ever see him again…I want to finish what we started.

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