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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Best Friend's Dad's Bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

HERE is the true story of my absolutely wonderful first time to make love:

When I first made love, I did it with a full-grown man, older than my dad, and I do mean a real MAN ! And NO, you little twerps, it didn’t hurt at all, and it won’t hurt you either, if you fuck a man that knows what he’s doing for your first time.

Mike and his wife were friends of my parents. Their daughter was my very best friend at the time. She and I rode to Christian school together, and our families attended the same United Pentecostal Church.

I slept over at their home weekly, riding home with them on Sunday night after church. We girls didn’t have school on Mondays. His wife worked late on Mondays, and never was home before midnight. Mike was a shift worker, with Sunday and Monday off-days. He would keep us girls until my mom got in from work on Monday afternoons. Mike and my Mom would usually “have coffee” in the master suite when she got there in the afternoon. They “had coffee” for two or three hours every Monday afternoon. The door was always locked, and I think he was banging her. No wonder, because my mom is really pretty, a lot younger than Mike, and has great tits.

Mike and his wife kept their bedroom door open at night, in case one of us called out. Their daughter’s room, where we girls slept, was at the opposite end of the hall. One night, after everyone had gone to bed, I sneaked into the master bedroom and hid in the shadows. I watched Mike make slow, tender, patient love to his wife. I was impressed … and enlightened.

The next morning, after his wife had left for work, Mike called me into his bedroom. He said he saw me come in and watch, and that it was OK. We started talking about sex, and making love. I had always been comfortable with him, as he had known me since birth. He was easy to talk to for an adult. He showed genuine interest in me, a young teen.

We talked in detail of the birds and bees, and the events of the previous night. Then we both took off our clothes. He showed me his, and let me handle it, to satisfy my curiosity. I was amazed when it became erect in my hands. That was really cool! I had never seen a grown man’s dick before, and had no idea that they were that big. Mike let me play with it a long time.

He told me to show him mine, so I laid back and spread my legs wide. He told me I have a beautiful pussy. I said: “you can touch me, or whatever you want”.
He ran his fingers through my thin pubic hair and rubbed my mound for a long time. It felt real good to me. He spread my pussy open wide, and looked at the inside very closely. He told me I was ripe, and ready to be plucked.

We climbed under the covers. He held me close, and we kissed for a long time. I had only kissed a boy once before, and that was just for a moment. Then he had me lie on top of him. I held his erect dick between my thighs and crossed my ankles. We kissed and French kissed a long time. He kissed and sucked my budding breasts, actually they were firm, pointed “A” cups. It felt REAL good!

I asked him what it would feel like to make love. He said he didn’t know, as he wasn’t a girl. He suggested we “pretend” to make love, so we did. He lay on his side, facing me, and I lay on my back, with my bottom toward him, and both legs over him, and spread wide apart. I held myself open as wide as I could, and he put the head of his dick inside my inner lips, with the tip of his penis right at the opening of my vagina. He felt warm. He felt good, too, but I was dry, and we were kinda “stuck” together.

He got some KY jelly off the night stand, and put a little on my clitoris. He gently and slowly rubbed and tweaked my clit with his fingers. I told him that I really liked the massage. He had me hold myself open again, and he removed his penis from the vestibule of my vagina. I held myself open wide while he inserted the KY jelly tube spout, and squirted a lot of it into my vagina. It was cold at first, but warmed up quickly.

Still on my back, with my legs wide and over him, he slowly inserted a finger all the way inside me. It felt strange, but was pleasant. He stretched my vagina in all directions, never once making me uncomfortable or hurting me … then he put two fingers in me.

Now, that was tight for a few moments, but I relaxed, and my vagina stretched out, just like he told me it would. In a couple minutes, I was very comfortable with both fingers in me. It felt even better than one. Then he said “Lets try something else for a while”. I quickly agreed. I was having fun, and feeling grown-up.

This is important: He stretched the skin of his penis over the head, and held it with his thumb and forefinger. I held myself open wide again, and he placed his hand, holding his skin drawn tight as I said, right at the entrance to my vagina. He released his fingers, and pressed gently forward toward my pelvis at the same time. His dick slid effortlessly, painlessly, and very comfortably into me about four inches. Neither of us moved. Then he started to pump up and grow bigger inside me.

It felt fantastic. I felt so “full” inside. Mike said he was half- way in me. I knew that without a doubt! He made me lie perfectly still for ten minutes, by the clock, so I could stretch out slowly, and take the rest of his dick inside comfortably.

After the ten minute stretch, Mike began to slowly and very gently stroke back and forth inside me. Moving only about a half inch. Oh GOD! it feels so Good!!!

He tenderly pressed deeper each time, maybe going only a quarter inch deeper each time. I later learned this MAN had true seven and one half inches of dick. Most of it was inside me, and it felt so fine! He slow stroked me for five or ten minutes, so tenderly, then said: “O.K., we can do it for real now, if you want to”. Again, I quickly agreed. He slowly pulled out of me. He was HUGE!

I lay on my back, spread wide, just like I was. He got on top. Without using hands, he gently re-inserted himself into me. I felt full again. He stroked his way deep inside me, going all the way in. VERY deep! He watched for signs of discomfort. There were none. Then he had me put my legs together under him, cross my ankles, and squeeze him tight, while he slow stroked me. I felt a twinge in my clit that ran up to my stomach. Perhaps a tiny pre-orgasm?

We held together and rolled over with me on top. This was much better for me, because I wanted to move around more than I could on bottom. He taught me how to make love to a man … and satisfy myself too. He taught me to slide down all the way onto the shaft of his penis, then squeeze tight with my pelvic muscles, and pull back off him about an inch or two, then repeat. This is kind of a “milking” motion. It got to be fun in a hurry, and I’ll swear he got even bigger inside me. I started having more of the little twinges deep inside me, shooting from my nipples to my clit and back.

I pumped him like that until I got tired. We rested, and I pumped him some more. We were genuinely fucking, and I LOVE IT !! A long time later I felt his huge dick throbbing and pulsing inside me. He held my butt, and thrust it deep in me, all the way to the bottom, filling me full. His erection went down slowly and we relaxed together. We both went to sleep, coupled, with me on top of him.

He was still inside me when we woke up later. He got harder again, and it felt so cool to have him swell up all huge inside me. We fucked and rested and fucked again and again until the middle of the afternoon.

My first time was fantastic. There was no pain, little soreness and only minimal blood. I had a MAN that first time, and that’s why it was so good for me.

I was glowing when Mom came later that afternoon. She and Mike had “Coffee” in the master suite. She came out smiling big. No doubt he was banging her.

After I finished school, Mom still went over to “have coffee” with Mike every Monday afternoon. She came home energized, and with a big smile until she and my step-dad moved away.

I grew a fine figure by age 17, and a big double-D rack. I fucked two of my uncles, my step-dad, my half-brother, several men from the church and had a dozen boyfriends. I started fucking for money and got pregnant by a Mexican man I fucked for $20. Life went to hell, and now twenty+years later I am a, 320 pound lard-ass.

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