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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: his apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

i was so niave about life in general, his name was Derek and he was my first boyfriend. we had been going out for a few months, we met in high school, and he lived at home with his dad, and we had been dating for a few months when he asked me if we could go further. i said, sure, i think that touching would be nice. so we did, and after that, in a few weeks, he tried to take my panties down, but i said, no, your father is home and he may come in, so we planned that we would be alone on the next monday evening. so, he picked me up and took me home, we had dinner, and then he led me to the bedrooom. i thought that he just wanted to touch me in the most personal place that i had, but after my panties were down, and he was touching, and kissing my breasts, and sucking my breasts, and having me touch him, he asked if i liked him touching me there, and i said yes, and he said, you are getting out of breath, and i said, yes, i am sorry, and he laughed, and said that he was too, and that i was supposed to and we laughed, and he kissed me for about two hours, while he was touching me, and he kept telling me how beautiful i was, and all the while more and more of my clothes kept coming off, and i thought, wow, this touching is great, and all of a sudden he entered me with his fingers, and i was very startled. i said Derek i didn’t know that you were going to do that to me, and he said oh my god, i thought you did, and i said, well, i dont’ think that i want you to stop. so he didn’t . we kept on going until i was exhausted, and then he asked if he could do it again. he did it all to me again, and then he entered me for real, and i swear i have NEVER EVER had better sex than that.
we didn’t date much longer, but it lasted as long as it should have, and i still to this day fanticize about him and how good those fingers felt.

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