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Alli – My first masturbation, followed by my first F

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight


My name is Alli, and this all finished about 2 hours ago. I wanted to tell someone so bad, so why not here? I have a divorced mom, and two brothers. My mom is my favorite person in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

It all starts about… 2 years ago, when I was 12! My boobs were flat, nothing to show, and had known nothing of what was down under.

So throughout school, I was extremely jealous of all of the rest of the girls in the locker room. My best friend had an amazing rack that got her boys all the time! She was a 36D! At 12!

Then the next year, was the first time I wore a bra. I know it’s sad that I had to wait till 13 to wear one, but I didn’t need to before. My boobs were getting bigger and some boys started to notice. At the time I was wearing a 38B size. A great guy friend of mine stopped talking to me! “Ben, you haven’t said a word to me in a month now! What did I do wrong?” His answer was the first time I felt proud of my boobs! “Oh, well, Alli, you know we’re best friends, because your really nice and funny. But since you’ve gotten a little hotter and still nice and funny… I’ve fallen for you!” I thought for a sec. “What’s hotter about me?” “Your breasts are amazing!” “Oh Ben! You don’t have to say the proper word for everything around me, I’ve told you already!” “Fine… your boobs are AMAZING!”

So, now I was in 8th grade, Ben and I were going out. He was getting hotter by the day, as he kept looking more manly in the face, with a more sharp face, instead of a baby face. I had now grown to a 34D, just under my friends. Ben was about to the point where is tongue stuck out when he saw me!

Ben came over and Mom had to take my brothers to their friends house, so she kept the neighbor in charge. We were out of luck, she wouldn’t let us have our first kiss or anything… we thought.

She came over and said, “Your mom has asked me to babysit while she’s gone, I have brought my favorite movie, and will stay in her room and watch it so you too can have all the fun you want. I had the same fun when I was 14, don’t worry, it’s all normal! OH! And here’s a condom!”

“Why do you get all the cool neighbors?” I laughed and we leaned in and had my first kiss, but then we started making out, tonguing, and anything else we could do mouth to mouth. He was hungry and thirsty so I made a bowl of spaghetti and a glass of Dr. Pepper, we both drank out of. We used the same fork which really turned me on. I felt my nipples hardening, and my vagina started to get wet. What was happening!?

After the food was gone, we started making out again! I was so horny, that I asked him the most blatant question ever! “Wanna see something?” “Sure, what is it?”

I lifted off my shirt and lifted off his. He seemed mesmerized! My bra stuck out at him as I felt it. “Well, are you gonna sit there and stare? Or are you gonna take it off and touch?”

“Are you sure your okay with that Alli, I don’t have to you know!” “Ben, do as I say or you can go home” I said sarcastically. “Yes ma’am”. He unlatched my bra, revealing my what seemed like larger than ever boobs. He looked at them for a second, then dived right it. Rubbing each one, he even sucked on them, it never felt better!

He was still liking when, to my doom, my mother walked in! “Oh! Oh gawd! Ben!” Ben was scared for his life, he thought he was about to get shot! “You’re doing it all wrong!” His face wen’t red!

My mom walked over, and said, “Watch carefully!” She put her mouth around my right nipple, and started to suck, then, I looked at Ben and saw that his penis had gotten really hard! “Oh!” He started to suck my nipples just as Mom did, it felt AMAZING!

“Ben have you ever masturbated?” asked my mom. “Mom, please don’t ask that, that’s private!” They both ignored me. “Yes, I do all the time!” Take it out, let’s see what you got! He unzipped his pants and let them fall.

“Okay Alli, your gonna put your hand around it like this, and pull up and down like this. When you get going fast put your mouth on it like this. Then slide your lips back and forth. When he starts to moan and scream, get ready for the best tasting liquid ever!”

Mom left, leaving me, with only shorts and panties on, and Ben… completely naked. I started to give him a hand job. Then I gave him a blow job. He started moaning really loud, then, just as Mom described, the best tasting liquid ever had shot down my throat. Some even got out of my mouth and were all over my boobs. It felt really warm and comforting on my nipples.

He then, sat up on the couch and told me to lay back, I was scared! He started touching my shorts right where my vagina was. If felt amazing! I never knew that could happen! Then, I said, “Stop, I want this to feel better!” So I took off my shorts, the only piece of clothing left between the two of us was my panties.

He started fingering my panties, which felt even better! Then I started moaning a little. He stopped, I looked up, but was in such awe that my head fell back down. Then I could feel his warm fingers touching my hips, taking down my panties. I sat up. “No, Ben! I’m embarrased! I – I’m small, and oh I can’t lie. I’ve never gotten wet before!”

“Alli, I don’t know what your talking about, because your wetter than the lake right now!” Was he kidding? I put my hand to my vagina. Oh my gawd! It was streaming with juice! I liked my finger, it tasted amazing! So he continued. And for the first time, I revealed my vagina to someone other than my mom. He looked at it, with him eyes shining. He then started to finger. When he put his finger all the way in, it hurt like hell! But then it gradually got better! I started to moan really fast! Then suddenly, I screamed! And juices got onto his penis and chest!

We both sat up and kissed again. He took out the condom, and I slapped it out of his hands, and said, “It’s our first time, lets not use one!” He said, “But would if you get-” “I won’t! My mom has morning after pills, that have always worked for her!”

He smiled, and gave me a kiss. I laid down on the carpet he came over and put his now bulging penis in between my boobs. I squeezed them together and he slid back and forth. It felt okay, but not amazing. Then he slid down to my vagina, and started to lick it! I never moaned louder before! Then I came again! This time he drank most of it.

He then put the head of his penis on the outer part of my vagina lips. And started to feel around, it felt so good, but I stopped him. I threw him on the ground and got on top of him. I felt dominate, and he got to see me completely! I gave him another hand job as he played with my pubic hair, which suprisingly felt good! Then I was ready, I squatted very slowly onto his big penis. While it was going in we both screamed! Then I started thrusting up and down and up and down. In about five minutes, I had cum, and it ran down is penis. But he was not finished. I laid on the ground, very weakly as he spread my legs, and put his penis in again. He thrust extremely fast and it felt so good! His balls hit my vagina with every thrust.

“Ben!! I’m cumming again! I’m cumming!” Then I screamed again, and it shot out. About thirty minutes in we were still going hard. Then he started to moan! “Ben, when your about to cum, put it in my mouth, I wanna swallow again!”

In about two more minutes we had cum about the same time. I felt the warm liquid slide down my throat with amazement. He drank mine as well. Then we had gotten into what my mom called a 69 position, where I sucked his penis as he licked my vagina.

It was AMAZING! He’s still here, and he’s going to spend the night! He’s actually watching me write this! Here his is:

Hi, this is Ben, Alli (my babe) is the hottest girl in the world and I will marry her!

This is Alli again. That deffinatly deserves a kiss! I have to go. Ben and I are in bed watching this weird movie, not paying attention to it. We have both agreed to go for it again all night long. We’re both naked, I’m in his arms with the laptop.

Now he’s licking me! Oh it feels so good! I gotta go, he’s going to put his penis in me again! Can’t wait!

-Love Alli

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