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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: my friend christines' house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Travis was first love….actually, my first boyfriend too. I had admired him from afar…he was one of those dark, mysterious, SEXY punk guys, who was four years older than me, adding to his charm. We started going out in July of 1999, and after only a month things went bad and we broke up. The thing that made me mad was that I was ready to loose my virginity…to him. I was mad at him for a while for the way things ended, but after he apologized to me, I realized that I still loved him. So we got back together…only a one night thing, which led nowhere. He went out with this really dumb girl, and when he had been going out with her for almost two months, we started hanging out a lot more. Then he told our best friends that he liked his girlfriend, this other girl who is a big slut, and ME!! But he ended up going out with the slut girl, who of course ended up hurting him. So he was again single, and him, and my two friends justin and christine (who are going out) went to christines’ house. everybody was telling me to put the moves on him, and after a little while i did. we ended up doing everything but sex….we almost did that too, but i was scared at first, and when i told him later that i wanted to, he wouldn’t because he wanted me to be sure. we hung out the next week, and told eachother that we really liked eachother. then exactly one week from the time we first got together for the third time, i slept over at christine’s house again. travis came too, and we were together all night…flirting, making out, and just acting like a couple. he left for a little while to bring people home, and christine and i went up to bed, sure that he wasn’t coming back. after we had been up there for a little while, there was a knock on the door, and there was travis. he came over onto the bed i was sleeping on, and asked christine if he could stay there for the night. chrisine’s parents are cool, so she said sure. we were all talking for a while, and after a while christine said that she was going to bed. she turned off the light, and the fun began. we made out and fooled around for a while, and then i knew it was time…i was ready. i asked him if he had a condom, which he didn’t. we got one from christine, and before we began, he whispered in my ear, “are you sure?” i told him i was, so he began. the pain at first was pretty intense, but the constant stroking of my skin and the “are you alright” comments that came from travis made it okay. towards the end, the pain eased up. after, we fell asleep in eachother’s arms. when i woke up, i was still there, cuddled next to him. christine got a ride to school the next morning from a friend, so when travis drove me to school the next day it was just me and him. we stopped on the way to have breakfast. when he let me off at school, he gave me a soft kiss and a warm hug. and off to school i went, having lost my virginity in a way more perfect then i could have hoped for.

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