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After School Project

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

It was 8th grade and me and my best friend (age 14)
were at my house with out girlfriends (ages 13, 14)
doing a group project for school. Well that got
boring pretty fast and naturally the conversation
turned to sex. All 4 of us were virgins and we were
talking about what we wanted to do the first time we
had sex, not really thinkin about doing it that
afternoon! We were all horney and I said “Damn I
really wanna jack off.” My best friend agreed, the
girls laughed and said go ahead do it infront o us!
Only mild petting is as far as me and my girlriend
had got, same with my best friend and his too.
Anyway both us guys pulled our dicks out and our
girls started masturbating us. I then said “Hey my
older brother (17) has condoms in his drawer” and I
ran to get them. I asked the girls if they wante
their fanstasies to come true right now, they said
sure. All4 of us went to my room. My best friend
and his girlfriend got naked and me and my girlfriend
got naked. We all used my bed, us on one side and
them on another.
My friend got an idea to have sex contests. First
our girls gave us BJs to see which one would shoot in
their mouth faster. Me and my gf won that one. Then
me and my friend ate our girl’s pussys to see who
could make their girl the moistest, he won that one.
It was time, we put our condoms on and enter the
vaginas. I popped the cherry first, she didn’t feel
it that much. He popped his girls cherry she made a
noise but not too loud. Both of us couples were in
the Missonary position. We pumped and pumped and the
pleasure built up, my best friend’s girl all of a
sudden screemed OH OH OH and she creamed moisture all
over their side and that brought my frien to jack
real fast! He took off the condom and laid it on the
bed. I shot into my condom and my girlfriend made a
little noise but she said it was orgasm. I took mine
off and compared it to my friends to see who filled
up the condom the most, we have always been
competative! We did this every day after school for
the next month or so. It was the best sex I ever had
that first time in bed with 3 other naked bodies. We
were constantly bumping into each other during the
heat of the sex that made it even more orgasmic!

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